Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend at Gargrave

Gargrave (Lovely Gothic sounding name) is a small village on the A65 about 4 miles out of Skipton in North Yorkshire. We camped at Holme house Farm just south of the village.

Robert Story, the Gargrave schoolmaster-poet, described the village in the 1820's as:
"Situated in the very centre of a district remarkable for its romantic beauty. A bridge, rather elegant and somewhat large for the stream it bestrides, connects the two parts of he village which would otherwise be separated by the river. On the south side of the river stands the church, the square and tall steeple of which is seen above the trees that surround the quiet burial ground. Along the north side the principal part of the village extends; some of the cottages with clean whitewashed fronts, some covered with ivy or other evergreens and some again with flowering shrubs. A branch of the Queens highway passes through this part of the village, and thus, whilst it detracts something from the seclusion, is the means of making its charms more widely known"
Guess which is my van

 We arrived late Thursday evening and were greeted by a nice cup of tea from Betty. We had decided we were going to use the big awning this weekend, it had not been used for nearly 2 years and we wanted to check it ready for Whitby (94 days to go) It went up quite quickly considering and so I nipped into the village Co-op for a bottle of Whisky and we had a few friends round to help drink it.

Friday we had a drive into Skipton, and did a bit off shopping as always there was a good Dales Market on.

Friday night we all assembled at Richard and Marion’s for the evening get-to-gather (Booze up)

At St Andrews Church Gargrave

 Saturday we walked along the canal to Gargrave and to St Andrews Church the West Tower dates from about the 16th century and the rest from 1852, designed by Rhode Hawkins an architect in the heroically ornate Gothic style
At St Andrews Church Gargrave
At St Andrews Church Gargrave
On the way back we stopped at The Masons Arms pub for a quick pint of Black Sheep, and to book Sunday Lunch.  Link

On the way back along the canal tow path we met a barge full of Pirates, and been wearing my purple Pirate Shirt we waved and cheered one another in a friendly Pirate sort of way. Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to get my camera out in time for a pic.

Saturday night we partied in Richard and Marions van and Sunday we did have lunch at The Masons Arms, before a Wet pack up and heading for home.

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