Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pugin: God's Own Architect


Tonight at 9:20 UK  BBC 4

The following has been copied from the Radio Times website.

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Simply but smartly told, full of interesting ideas – this is typical BBC4. Richard Taylor gives us a brisk profile of the architect who shaped Victorian Britain. Today we look on classical Georgian edifices like the National Gallery as elegant and splendid: young Augustus Pugin saw them as symbols of a godless age, “a national disgrace”, in fact.

What he dreamt of was a return to the style of the Middle Ages, a moral time full of “pointed architecture” – spires and arches and elaborate decoration. So he kick-started the Gothic revival that not only shaped the Palace of Westminster and a host of schools, churches and town halls, but Victorian domestic life, too. Quite an achievement.

About this programme
Richard Taylor explores the enduring legacy of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, the 19th-century architect responsible for Big Ben's clocktower and much of the Palace of Westminster. The presenter reveals how, in addition to designing some of Britain's most distinctive landmarks, Pugin also inspired the gothic revival movement and helped establish an architectural style that continues to play a part in defining the UK's national image.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A collation of Church Doors

I Seem to have quite a few pictures of Church Doors that I have not posted so here are a few.

All Saints Church Helmsley
St Michaels, Church Coxwold

Byland Abbey I know there is no door but well ..

St Andrews Church Gargrave

All are in Yorkshire U.K.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Horsforth Cemetery

I had a bit of spare time today at lunch so I went down to the Cemetery near where I was working and had a quick look around.

Horsforth Cemetery
 Horsforth is inside the Leeds Ring road and was once a small town in its own right before been swallowed up by Leeds.
Horsforth Cemetery
 In the older part, (I never take pics in the new bits) there were some really nice monuments.
Horsforth Cemetery
 But unfortunately the Chapel buildings although still in use showed signs of vandalism
Horsforth Cemetery

Friday, 24 August 2012

A message of Love to Someone I Did Not Know

Sometimes it is the people we know that shape our lives, but sometimes it is the people that we do not know that make the biggest difference
Not many of us had a detailed plan of our life; even if we do we cannot stop fate of chance playing its hand. On more than one occasion a chance comment or remark has changed my whole life.

By chance I was told of a Christmas fayre, that was where I met the Greyhounds from Tia, that encounter made me fall in love with Greyhounds and thus gave Holly and Trigger a home for the rest of their lives.

Also by chance I heard on the news of the savage attack leading to the dearth of Sophie Lancaster and although I never knew her I can never forget the emotions that I felt. Even now I find it hard to put into words a sort of anger that firstly it been ‘one of us’ and then because it was just because of the way they were dressed, after all this is England, this is the twenty first century.

As I said before I never knew her, I had no reason to, but that tragic event changed my life for ever and it has put Sophie and her family in my heart forever. In an unfortunate way it also made me remember that I was never accepted by or that I ever accepted the institutional mainstream be it School, Supermarkets or Chart topping Disco bands.

Thankfully there is a place we can go to escape this brainwashing and institutionalization for two weekends a year, yes I`ve got back to Whitby again and there every Goth weekend I shall lay flowers at Sophie`s memorial bench.

My love goes out to Sylvia and her family on this 5th anniversary.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Gothic Plants Part Two Shrubs

`Whilst there are endless volumes written about Gothic Music, Fashion, Architecture etc. there seems to be little on Gothic Gardening. So I am starting a series of posts on what I consider are Plants suitable for Gothic Gardens. Of course this is my own view with facts that I have learned from my experience as both a professional Gardener and my interest in things Gothic`

AMELANCHIER (various names)…… Some books call it a tree, some a shrub, grows to 15 feet high. This plant has everything….Starts with coppery young leafs which turn green, then yellow before falling. White small flowers, berries start red becoming black. The bare stems make wonderful arch shapes

I have chosen the following for their black or near black flowers or leaves.

BUDDLEIA davidii ‘Black Knight’
Has deep blue-violet flowers on long arching stems, a lovely scent attracts butterflies and bees

CEANOTHUS ‘Tuxedo’…………….Black leafed.
COTINUS coggygria Royal Purple (Smoke Bush)
Has deep burgundy wine coloured leaves which turn red in autumn.
COTINUS coggygria Royal Purple
RHODODENDRON ‘Purple Splendour’
Has Dark leaves and lots of rich deep purple flowers about 3 inches wide with black internal flare. 
RHODODENDRON ‘Purple Splendour’
 SAMBUCUS nigra ‘black lace’ (Elderberry)
Very dark green leaves almost black makes washy pink flowers in spring followed by black berries in autumn. N.B. easy to grow !

SAMBUCUS nigra ‘black lace’
Next time Perennials
Last time was Trees on 16th July 2012

Saturday, 18 August 2012

App`y the Gardener and the Pit OR Quatermass in Menston

Those of you who are interested in old Sci-fi or old enough to remember the Quatermass and the Pit films/ series may recall how workmen were digging in London and found a metal object, which at first they thought was a WW2 bomb. When the bomb Disposal Squad come they find that their dills will not even scratch it
Image from Wikipedia
 So WHY am I going on about this ?
Well I have been asked by my mate David, another Gardener to help him with a rather strange job which concerns a lump or bump that as appeared in a private car park in Menston. This was talked over in the pub, It was first thought that it may be a tree root, but the only trees nearby were the other side of the garages and not the type of trees that send up roots in that manner. So I said before you start digging just drill a hole and see what comes up in the drill dust. At first it will be the tarmac, then the hard-core, then if wood bits come up it will be a tree root and they can be dug out. But if the drill bit cannot penetrate it, it will be an Alien Space Ship. This theory did not go down well with David (He is like that) I said that if water come out you have hit a mains pipe , walk away quickly. If a hissing sound comes out, then you have hit a gas main, RUN AWAY QUICKLY. But my money is on an Alien Space Ship.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Goodbye my Holly

This morning Holly was unable to stand, she was having terrible trouble breathing and would not take her tablet even with chicken. It was with great sadness that we were left with over option other than to take her to the vets already knowing the sad outcome.
Trigger and Holly in 2009
We had had Holly for nearly 12 years.
A sad farewell. It is harder than when you lose a parent
It is one year and two days since we lost Trigger and I do not think she ever got over his death.
They had been together 2 years before we got them from Tia Greyhound Rescue
I am sure that they are now reunited.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Book Review

Abandoned Places Abandoned Memories (Desert edition) by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson

Firstly it must be understood that I am not a person who reads lots of books. In fact I have only ever finished about a dozen books in my life, and most of them have been in the last year.


The book is in twelve chapters each in two parts, the first parts reads as a narration of the abandoned place and the second as a more personal read on the objects Sharon finds. With this simple format you are effortlessly transported to those mystical places that the girls had found. Written in a way that I could just not put the book down, when I did I was left thinking about the people and their lives in the desert and what had become of them. Before I knew it I had reached the end of the book and was left wanting more. Now praise and praise alone is no judgement so the bad bits. The only point I can make and this may be the difference between the U.S. market and the English is that I do not like written swearing. What is said is said and gone, but not in my view to be recorded. My Aunt had seen that I had ordered this and I was going to lend her it, but it might be best not to.
As I follow Sharon and Julie through their desert journeys. I would love to take them to the places I know, in the Yorkshire Dales and Moors for Sharons reads on the abandoned places that I call home.

Please come.

All in all a top star read.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Epitaph for a Housewife.

Pic. mine, text sent to me by Betty

It Sayes
Here lies a poor women who was always tired.
She lived in a house were help was not hired.
Her last words, on earth were dear
Friends I am going to where there’s no washing,
 cooking or sewing.
For everything there is exact to my wishes.
For where they don’t eat there are no dishes.
I’ll be where load anthems will always be ringing.
But, having no voice, I’ll no be singing.
Don’t weep for me now, don’t weep for me ever.
For I’m going to do nothing for ever and ever.

Monday, 6 August 2012

A chance to play at Secret millionaire

I recently came across some money that I should not have had. It was not by dishonest means just corporate incompetence. If it had come from a small company or a real person I would have just given it back, but I have had unbelievable trouble in the past returning things to large corporates, but as I did not feel comfortable keeping it I decided to play Secret millionaire* thus.
I sent
10% to the Donkey Sanctuary.

10% to the PDSA

5% used to sponsor a Church to be floodlit to raise awareness for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation
And the remaining 75% to Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

That is my favourite picture from Tia; Last Christmas at Tescos…..Every little helped

* Secret millionaire is a (UK) Channel 4 TV program in which a millionaire goes undercover, usually in a poor area, meets the people, does charity work, rediscovers him or herself and gives some of their own money to the charities and needy he / she have met. In a tear jerking finish (every week) it is usually the Secret millionaire who feels he / she has gained the most from the experience.

Friday, 3 August 2012

It Is a Long Way off

I made a Steak Mushroom and Ale Pie for dinner tonight, just like we have at The Fox and Rarebit,
Steak Mushroom and Ale
 But it is 88 days to Whitby not 14 miles.
With Braised Red Cabbage and Creamed Potatoes

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Book as Arrived.

I have been waiting for my new book to arrive and it is here.
Abandoned Places Abandoned Memories by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson

Abandoned Places Abandoned Memories by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson

Actually it has arrive 15 days before the expected date given by Amazon, so a big thank you to the Postal service and all involved in shipping this 6,000 miles across the Atlantic
 I will not start reading it until my next weekend away, I have more time to read when we are in the caravan. Okay I have had a quick read.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Happy Yorkshire Day August 1st

Reasons to celebrate Yorkshire

A personal view

Home of Whitby Goth Weekend

Food :- Yorkshire reared Beef, Lamb, and Game. Fish and Chips, Cheeses, Chocolate and Cakes.

Drink :- Black Sheep Ale, Theakston’s Ales even the Tap water’s taste good compared to the               South.

Landscape :- The Dales, The Moors, The Coast
Byland Abby

Architecture :- The Abbeys, The Stately Homes, The Churches even the Satanic Mills and Gothic Factories

Music :- The Sisters of Mercy…. Need I say more ?

People :- From, Gamekeepers to Goths.
                From, Farmers to Firemen.
                From, Architects to Anarchists
                From, Builders to Bank Man…..ehhh no I will stop  there.

Have A happy Yorkshire Day, wherever you are

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