Friday, 24 August 2012

A message of Love to Someone I Did Not Know

Sometimes it is the people we know that shape our lives, but sometimes it is the people that we do not know that make the biggest difference
Not many of us had a detailed plan of our life; even if we do we cannot stop fate of chance playing its hand. On more than one occasion a chance comment or remark has changed my whole life.

By chance I was told of a Christmas fayre, that was where I met the Greyhounds from Tia, that encounter made me fall in love with Greyhounds and thus gave Holly and Trigger a home for the rest of their lives.

Also by chance I heard on the news of the savage attack leading to the dearth of Sophie Lancaster and although I never knew her I can never forget the emotions that I felt. Even now I find it hard to put into words a sort of anger that firstly it been ‘one of us’ and then because it was just because of the way they were dressed, after all this is England, this is the twenty first century.

As I said before I never knew her, I had no reason to, but that tragic event changed my life for ever and it has put Sophie and her family in my heart forever. In an unfortunate way it also made me remember that I was never accepted by or that I ever accepted the institutional mainstream be it School, Supermarkets or Chart topping Disco bands.

Thankfully there is a place we can go to escape this brainwashing and institutionalization for two weekends a year, yes I`ve got back to Whitby again and there every Goth weekend I shall lay flowers at Sophie`s memorial bench.

My love goes out to Sylvia and her family on this 5th anniversary.

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  1. Even though I'm not from your country I feel sadness and loss every time I am reminded about Sophie's tragic death.

    I'm glad to know that something was erected at Whitby in her honor.


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