Saturday, 18 August 2012

App`y the Gardener and the Pit OR Quatermass in Menston

Those of you who are interested in old Sci-fi or old enough to remember the Quatermass and the Pit films/ series may recall how workmen were digging in London and found a metal object, which at first they thought was a WW2 bomb. When the bomb Disposal Squad come they find that their dills will not even scratch it
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 So WHY am I going on about this ?
Well I have been asked by my mate David, another Gardener to help him with a rather strange job which concerns a lump or bump that as appeared in a private car park in Menston. This was talked over in the pub, It was first thought that it may be a tree root, but the only trees nearby were the other side of the garages and not the type of trees that send up roots in that manner. So I said before you start digging just drill a hole and see what comes up in the drill dust. At first it will be the tarmac, then the hard-core, then if wood bits come up it will be a tree root and they can be dug out. But if the drill bit cannot penetrate it, it will be an Alien Space Ship. This theory did not go down well with David (He is like that) I said that if water come out you have hit a mains pipe , walk away quickly. If a hissing sound comes out, then you have hit a gas main, RUN AWAY QUICKLY. But my money is on an Alien Space Ship.

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