Monday, 13 August 2012

Book Review

Abandoned Places Abandoned Memories (Desert edition) by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson

Firstly it must be understood that I am not a person who reads lots of books. In fact I have only ever finished about a dozen books in my life, and most of them have been in the last year.


The book is in twelve chapters each in two parts, the first parts reads as a narration of the abandoned place and the second as a more personal read on the objects Sharon finds. With this simple format you are effortlessly transported to those mystical places that the girls had found. Written in a way that I could just not put the book down, when I did I was left thinking about the people and their lives in the desert and what had become of them. Before I knew it I had reached the end of the book and was left wanting more. Now praise and praise alone is no judgement so the bad bits. The only point I can make and this may be the difference between the U.S. market and the English is that I do not like written swearing. What is said is said and gone, but not in my view to be recorded. My Aunt had seen that I had ordered this and I was going to lend her it, but it might be best not to.
As I follow Sharon and Julie through their desert journeys. I would love to take them to the places I know, in the Yorkshire Dales and Moors for Sharons reads on the abandoned places that I call home.

Please come.

All in all a top star read.


  1. It's odd, but I don't like printed swearing either. And considering how much I swear verbally, I get some strange remarks about it. When I was Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper I had a strict policy against it, and was constantly made fun of by my staff because of it. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

  2. Thank you very much! I'm glad that you had trouble putting it down. I have never found an opportunity to write out psychic reads and I wasn't sure if it was even possible, but it flowed from me. Some characters do swear and that's just the way it is in the west and some of these more rural locations where people are a bit rough around the edges, but for the most part, we found some amazing people in amazing situations and I know a lot of people ask about the little girl at the swingset. Her mother did marry and she got 2 older step siblings who influenced her and she eventually went to school and became a nurse. We are working on more books in new locations around the US

  3. Thank you for the wonderful review of our book.


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