Monday, 20 August 2012

Gothic Plants Part Two Shrubs

`Whilst there are endless volumes written about Gothic Music, Fashion, Architecture etc. there seems to be little on Gothic Gardening. So I am starting a series of posts on what I consider are Plants suitable for Gothic Gardens. Of course this is my own view with facts that I have learned from my experience as both a professional Gardener and my interest in things Gothic`

AMELANCHIER (various names)…… Some books call it a tree, some a shrub, grows to 15 feet high. This plant has everything….Starts with coppery young leafs which turn green, then yellow before falling. White small flowers, berries start red becoming black. The bare stems make wonderful arch shapes

I have chosen the following for their black or near black flowers or leaves.

BUDDLEIA davidii ‘Black Knight’
Has deep blue-violet flowers on long arching stems, a lovely scent attracts butterflies and bees

CEANOTHUS ‘Tuxedo’…………….Black leafed.
COTINUS coggygria Royal Purple (Smoke Bush)
Has deep burgundy wine coloured leaves which turn red in autumn.
COTINUS coggygria Royal Purple
RHODODENDRON ‘Purple Splendour’
Has Dark leaves and lots of rich deep purple flowers about 3 inches wide with black internal flare. 
RHODODENDRON ‘Purple Splendour’
 SAMBUCUS nigra ‘black lace’ (Elderberry)
Very dark green leaves almost black makes washy pink flowers in spring followed by black berries in autumn. N.B. easy to grow !

SAMBUCUS nigra ‘black lace’
Next time Perennials
Last time was Trees on 16th July 2012

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