Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Happy Yorkshire Day August 1st

Reasons to celebrate Yorkshire

A personal view

Home of Whitby Goth Weekend

Food :- Yorkshire reared Beef, Lamb, and Game. Fish and Chips, Cheeses, Chocolate and Cakes.

Drink :- Black Sheep Ale, Theakston’s Ales even the Tap water’s taste good compared to the               South.

Landscape :- The Dales, The Moors, The Coast
Byland Abby

Architecture :- The Abbeys, The Stately Homes, The Churches even the Satanic Mills and Gothic Factories

Music :- The Sisters of Mercy…. Need I say more ?

People :- From, Gamekeepers to Goths.
                From, Farmers to Firemen.
                From, Architects to Anarchists
                From, Builders to Bank Man…..ehhh no I will stop  there.

Have A happy Yorkshire Day, wherever you are


  1. Three hundred cheers for Yorkshire!

  2. LOVE Yorkshire. Hope to visit again there soon. Greetings from Belgium ;-)


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