Saturday, 29 September 2012

Screaming Angles ?

Anyone watch Dr Who Saturday night?

I think I have found some of the escaped Screaming Angles statues 


Friday, 28 September 2012

MRI Scan Date

In the latest instalment of my bad knee. The Physiotherapist said I had to have a MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). And today I got the date for it. Along with the actual date and time came a whole pack of *Useful Information* and a MRI Safety Questionnaire. Which stated “The MRI Scanner uses a powerful magnetic field and therefore we need to make sure you are safe to enter the scanner.”

Ehhhhr I`m going off this ! 

From Google
  Basically they are asking if there is anything metal in my body like pacemakers or joints. I`m not too sure about the bit “Please come dressed in loose fitting clothes with NO zips or metal buttons” So my new goth bondage trousers are out then !

One other thing it said that I could bring an audio CD, at first I thought that was so I could get a copy of the images like when a new mum to be has a ultrasound, but then realized it was music for me to listen to. SO what would be fitting ?

Body Electric, Sisters of Mercy ?
Up Side Down, Magazine ?
Metal Postcard, Siouxsie and the Banshees ?
Good Technology, Red Guitars ?
X-Ray Eyes, Kiss ?
Every Breath You Take, The Police ?
Psychobin, Disease ?, from the 1980 Sheffield compilation album Bouquet of steel.

I had to share this with you.

Comment with more suggestions 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Just a few things that I would like in MY garden.

Just a short post, this weather is getting to me.
Stone Steps
Stone Table

Romantic Tower
Dry stone wall with features

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekend at Edan Camp

Had a really great time at Edan Camp, despite having ear/tooth ache which was finally despatched on Saturday afternoon by a large amount of `Scotch medicine` AKA Whisky !  
Now the strangest thing about this weekend is, that if you go to Edan Camp as a normal visitor it costs £6.00 per adult to get in, but we were only charged £11.00 per unit night. So for 2 of us to camp it was cheaper than just going for a daytrip ! To really look around this award winning museum/ tourist attraction it can take a couple of days ! and we got a hut free of charge for our evening use.
Watch Tower
  From their website ;-
Located on the outskirts of the market town of Malton in North Yorkshire, Eden Camp is a multi-award winning Modern History Theme Museum housed within the grounds of an original World War Two prisoner of war camp. It was developed into a museum by local businessman Stan Johnson to stand as a tribute to all people, civilian and military, who endured hardship throughout World War Two

Today, Eden Camp has people of all ages visiting from around the world to see the story of World War Two re-created using sights, sounds, smells and moving figures to create a unique atmosphere that makes it feel like you travelled back in time to wartime Britain

Edan Camp
  So Friday we just sort  of had a  quick look round the museum and a bit of a `get together` in `our` hut.
Saturday we had a trip into Malton and did a bit more Halloween shopping etc. In the evening there was a 40`s night in the hut, we had a quiz bingo and a `Wartime` supper ~ mainly spam and corn beef sandwiches.

Chris and Marion

Me and Richard

German V2 Rocket

Memorial to Bomb Disposal Squad

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wokingham All Saints Church

Whilst I was down in Wokingham visiting my family we walked through the local Church, Wokingham All Saints. In order to find out more about it I emailed the Church Website and asked who the Architect of the Church was ? I received a quick reply. Thus:- A restoration was put in place in 1860-61 to the plans of Mr H Woodyer of Grafham which recommended the rebuilding of the Chancel and side aisles together with a new Chancel aisle.

Wokingham All Saints Church
  So I dug deeper and found this on
Sussex Parish Churches
Henry Woodyer (1816-96) was the son of a prosperous Guildford apothecary, who could afford to have his son educated at Eton.  He was an associate and possibly pupil of W Butterfield and practised in Guildford before moving to a rural retreat at Grafham, Surrey.  His practice covered the South and the Midlands and he was active in Sussex, close by.  His restorations could be heavy-handed, but he had a compensating gift for the picturesque.  His own churches reveal an eye for detail and great care over fittings.

Wokingham All Saints Church
  And this on Wikipedia
Woodyer has about 300 commissions to his name, most within easy reach of Guildford by train. Religion dominated his practice, with innumerable churches and church restorations to his name, as well as parsonages and village schools. He also designed or extended country houses, made additions to Eton College, built Cranleigh School and was responsible for a series of religious institutions, including the Convent at Clewer in Berkshire for the "fallen women" of Windsor.

His work is predominantly muscular Gothic Revival architecture, in the spirit of Pugin, with whom he may have had early practical experience. Like Pugin, his style stems from his religious bent. At times he could verge on the pedestrian, as at the New Schools at Eton and Cranleigh, and his restorations can seem wilfully insensitive. But at its best, there is an energetic vigour to his religious and secular work.
Woodyer's was a convincing vision of the Middle Ages, rich with colour and decoration. He was closely connected to Hardman & Co., the Birmingham firm of stained glass manufacturers, where Pugin was the first art director.
His churches, such as Holy Innocents, Highnam, Gloucestershire have bold spires and impressive chancels. His domestic buildings, whether small - such as the sexton's cottage at Highnam - or of the ambition of St. Andrew's Convent at Clewer, or St. Michael's College at Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire ripple with gables and towers and sharply pitched roofs.
Woodyer's style of architecture soon fell out of fashion but it neatly encapsulates an era of moral certainties and confident prosperity.

Wokingham All Saints Church
  I’ll look out for more of his work.

Wokingham All Saints Church

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Today is a sad day as it is the 26th anniversary of my mother`s death. Rather than been morbid I decided to cook some REAL chips instead of having those cardboard like Oven chips.
Here is my recipe for Home grown, Homemade Chips, which are not over greasy and full of calories.
1 Wash, Peel, wash the home grown potatoes.
2 Cut into chip shapes, and wash again to remove excess starch.
3 Plunge into a pan of boiling water, return to the boil and cook for 5 to 6 minutes.
4 Tip into a large sieve or colander and then spread out on a clean Tea towel.
5 Meanwhile heat oil or fat in a wok.
6 While the chips are still steaming hot, but with almost all the moister gone gently lower into the hot fat.
7 When the chips begin to lightly brown turn off the heat, and using a spider or slotted spoon lift the chips out onto kitchen paper to remove any fat.
8 sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy.
Own Grown and cooked chips

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Goodies For Halloween and Whitby

Saturday useably means shopping in the App`y household and this week it was the turn of the wholesalers to relieve us of our hard-earned, but it`s also time to stock up on goodies for Halloween / Whitby 45 days to go !
Here is a selection of our more interesting purchases
Spider and web

Plastic Head Stone

Prosthetic Leg for the Zombie Walk

Skull Swords

Light up Pumpkin I love this ! !

Glow in the Dark Spray Paint

We also bought some more lights and window stickers, as well as the usual food and household things etc.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Liebster Award

Judka from I Am Sweet Creeper awarded me
Thank you Judka
This took some time as I have tried to come up with new things to say about me and with new questions to ask.
Following rules!
* Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
*Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
*Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to.
*Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post.
*Go to their page and tell them.
*No tag backs.
11 Things about Me
1.    I hate supermarkets
2.    I love Scotch whisky
3.    I am totally dyslexic every word that I can spell (which is not many) is from memory
4.    As soon as I get home from Whitby Goth Weekend, I start thinking about the next one
5.    I love stone buildings and dry stone walls
6.    I love Cheese
7.    I repainted my last lawn mower Black for World Goth Day.
8.    I think of things to say/write/blog when I do not have a pen, but forget it when I get in front of my keyboard.
9.    When I`m with my grandson I act like a ten year old.
10. I don`t like been told to do things that I already do do!
11. I really want to have my pic on Goths Up Trees . net
Judka`s Questions
1. Do You still live in a city where You were born?
Yes, but a different part.
2. What trait in Your character You like the most?
I like to think that I am very Open Minded.
3. Your hobbies about which not everyone knows
I collect souvenir tea spoons from places that I have visited.
4. Your favorite cartoon series
Bugs Bunny ?
5. Your favorite subject in elementary school
I have spent the last 30+ years trying to blot out all memories of school, please don`t make me go back there.
6. Sport which You really hate...
See number 5 above, I do like to watch Motor Rallying.
7. What do You do when you're drunk? : DDD
Talk even more.
8. Do You ever would like to come to Poland?
Oh Yes, and get a tea spoon!
9. What do You think about modern popular music?
Far too many manufactured bands now a days.
10. Your favorite actor
Annette Crosbie, simply because of the work she does for Tia Greyhounds.
11. Why in Your opinion snakes do not have hands? :c
One of 3 reasons. If they had, then they would be Lizards, They do not have arms, They can clean their noses with their tongues so they do not need them.
My 11 questions
1.    Do you ever take your own drink into clubs because of the prices they charge ?
2.    Do you always throw out food when it is past it`s sell by date ?
3.    Do you still have, or even ever had and play any vinyl records ?
4.    Do you hate Mondays ?
5.    Do you think Energy drinks work ?
6.    When you have watched a long film can you remember it all ?
7.    If you could, would you change any of your family ?
8.    If you a million pounds/euros/dollars etc. that you must give to a charity which would you choose ?
9.    Do you have a phrase you often use ?
10. Do you save up small coins in a jar for a special event ?
11. Have you ever taken a photo of a `No photos` sign ?
I have totally lost track of who I have already tagged/ awarded to before and who has been tagged by who etc. So if you are reading this consider yourself awarded if you please and let me know.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Busy Weekend and More to Come

What I really wanted to do on Saturday was to go to Preston and join the Black Parade to show support for the Sophie Lancaster foundation as part of the Preston Guild celebrations. However what I had to do was; Work in the morning till 12.00, then a trip to the tip to empty my trailer. After a nice shower and lunch Chris wanted to go see our camping mates, who were at Cononley  because we have not been out in the `van for a good few weeks. By the time we got home it was tea time so we had a take-away, that just left enough time for me to watch Dr Who before a quick change to go to the evening do of a workmate of Chris`s whom had got married in the morning. 4 hours of Agadoo and Rihanna…. And I should not be drinking alcohol with the tablets I`m taking for my bad knee !!! (But I did) with just a break for Guns and Roses thank goodness.
Sunday morning Chris started painting the mirror (See “Back to Work” Blog) while I went to our allotment for some fresh veg.

The Mirror in my shed
In the afternoon I made an excuse to go to a local garden centre, when we got there Tia Greyhound Rescue were there colleting, with some dogs Chris of course realised that I had planned it hoping maybe to change her mind about getting another Greyhound, life is just not the same without a dog in it !
Lady from Tia
Sunday evening  always goes too quickly and thus ends the weekend.
Monday, and work, and tonight it is the Camping group committee meeting, with or without alcohol !
Tuesday night it`s my night out with a friend, that usually means alcohol !
Wednesday afternoon I`ve got my hospital appointment for my knee, see what that brings !
I might be able to do a proper Blog by then ?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back to Work

As much as I loved been with my family in the south, it`s nice to be back home.
Yesterday`s train journey home was spoiled by two drunks sat by me. I don`t like this pre-allocated seating on the long parts of a train journey, you can`t move. I decided it was best just to stare out of the window for 200 miles from Kings cross till they got off at Doncaster.
I wish we could just Beam up like in Star trek, that would save days.
Home in the Dales
  So today I was working at my favourite garden in lovely sunshine with what started as a gentle breeze, (but did turn quite windy in the afternoon.) surrounded by the beautiful hills of the Washburn Valley.

And just to put the icing on the cake I was given a beautiful large mirror with a super frame that we (Chris) will paint black and gold to finish off our newly decorated bedroom.

I`ll keep you all posted on the progress of this
Has anyone any idea how hard it is to take a picture of a mirror, outside in the dark ???

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Visiting My Grandson Part 3

Today I helped feed Luka Cheese for his breakfast

Cheese for his breakfast
  Later Chris and I took Luka to a different supermarket, we used the pushchair and while Chris had the trolley I had Luka. Supermarket shopping seems so much more fun with a Grandchild ! He really liked the cheese counter and got a bit excited by the eggs, I went through the colours of the fruit and veg with him again ! much to the bemusement of the other shoppers !
Image from Waitrose
 What`s up Never seen a Baby before Mr B ?

In the afternoon we went to the play park and Luka loves the swings.
Push me Granddad
Tomorrow I must head home.

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