Monday, 10 September 2012

Busy Weekend and More to Come

What I really wanted to do on Saturday was to go to Preston and join the Black Parade to show support for the Sophie Lancaster foundation as part of the Preston Guild celebrations. However what I had to do was; Work in the morning till 12.00, then a trip to the tip to empty my trailer. After a nice shower and lunch Chris wanted to go see our camping mates, who were at Cononley  because we have not been out in the `van for a good few weeks. By the time we got home it was tea time so we had a take-away, that just left enough time for me to watch Dr Who before a quick change to go to the evening do of a workmate of Chris`s whom had got married in the morning. 4 hours of Agadoo and Rihanna…. And I should not be drinking alcohol with the tablets I`m taking for my bad knee !!! (But I did) with just a break for Guns and Roses thank goodness.
Sunday morning Chris started painting the mirror (See “Back to Work” Blog) while I went to our allotment for some fresh veg.

The Mirror in my shed
In the afternoon I made an excuse to go to a local garden centre, when we got there Tia Greyhound Rescue were there colleting, with some dogs Chris of course realised that I had planned it hoping maybe to change her mind about getting another Greyhound, life is just not the same without a dog in it !
Lady from Tia
Sunday evening  always goes too quickly and thus ends the weekend.
Monday, and work, and tonight it is the Camping group committee meeting, with or without alcohol !
Tuesday night it`s my night out with a friend, that usually means alcohol !
Wednesday afternoon I`ve got my hospital appointment for my knee, see what that brings !
I might be able to do a proper Blog by then ?

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