Sunday, 2 September 2012

Visiting My Grandson Part 1

Travelled down by train, it’s a long time since Id been on a train and it was better than id feared !
Friday afternoon and evening played with Luka at their house, then we all had an early night.
Pub for lunch

 Saturday we all went to a Pub for lunch, which can always bit quite interesting ! However Luka behaved brilliantly and the food was good too.
First cemetery visit for Luka
 On the way home we made a small detour in to the local cemetery Wokingham All Saints. This was the first cemetery visit for Luka.
GREEN, Apples *BOOK*

After Luka had his sleep we had a walk to Tesco, this gave me a chance to expand on the book I was reading to Luka;- RED Tomatoes/ Strawberrys, GREEN, Apples / Lettuce etc. This gave the other shoppers something to look at (Like that bothers me)
Sunday and another day, another Lunch out, this time at a place called WGK. The meal here was not so good, we will not be returning there !

More to follow...........

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  1. Oh, grandbabies! I'm envious. What a beautiful trip. Enjoy every minute of it.


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