Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekend at Edan Camp

Had a really great time at Edan Camp, despite having ear/tooth ache which was finally despatched on Saturday afternoon by a large amount of `Scotch medicine` AKA Whisky !  
Now the strangest thing about this weekend is, that if you go to Edan Camp as a normal visitor it costs £6.00 per adult to get in, but we were only charged £11.00 per unit night. So for 2 of us to camp it was cheaper than just going for a daytrip ! To really look around this award winning museum/ tourist attraction it can take a couple of days ! and we got a hut free of charge for our evening use.
Watch Tower
  From their website ;-
Located on the outskirts of the market town of Malton in North Yorkshire, Eden Camp is a multi-award winning Modern History Theme Museum housed within the grounds of an original World War Two prisoner of war camp. It was developed into a museum by local businessman Stan Johnson to stand as a tribute to all people, civilian and military, who endured hardship throughout World War Two

Today, Eden Camp has people of all ages visiting from around the world to see the story of World War Two re-created using sights, sounds, smells and moving figures to create a unique atmosphere that makes it feel like you travelled back in time to wartime Britain

Edan Camp
  So Friday we just sort  of had a  quick look round the museum and a bit of a `get together` in `our` hut.
Saturday we had a trip into Malton and did a bit more Halloween shopping etc. In the evening there was a 40`s night in the hut, we had a quiz bingo and a `Wartime` supper ~ mainly spam and corn beef sandwiches.

Chris and Marion

Me and Richard

German V2 Rocket

Memorial to Bomb Disposal Squad

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