Thursday, 11 October 2012

Feast of Lanterns

This weekend is our camping groups Feast of Lanterns meet


The Feast of Lanterns is a Camping and Caravanning Club annual event. It is when you decorate your caravan or tent with lights and other props. There is a National event, but most local groups (Known as DAs) hold their own. My group ~ Spen Valley DA; hold theirs at Ripon, North Yorkshire. Every year there is a theme, and a small prize for which is judged best. This year it is The Big Top.

Now we have not entered for a few years, we were getting a bad reputation, we kept winning!

This theme was “Board Games”……
We did Dungeons and Dragons…... And won
This theme was Christmas………..
We kept it small and cute but ………And won.
So we missed the next 3 years.
This year we`re back!
I cannot stand circus, so I`m starching the point or thinking sideways I won`t say too much till after the weekend in case anyone who`s going reads this
Pictures of this year`s event will follow after the weekend


  1. Ha that is so cool!
    My parents are in The Caravan Club, I wonder if they know about this?

  2. At least you win things once in awhile. My luck doesn't run so well.



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