Sunday, 7 October 2012

It`s Just A Phase

A top ten, but not in any particular order, of situations where I have used “It`s Just A Phase”

A word of warning the use of “It`s Just A Phase” can sometimes be dangerous 

To people dressed up for the races
To Chelsea Pensioners at a museum
When asked when kids will stop slamming doors
As a comment on my cousins “Once Navy always Navy” Facebook post.
To Morris Dancers outside Otley pub
When I hear the McDonalds Ad. “Mmmmm I`m loving it”
Used as a reason to leave a committee
When taking a 250volt spur from 415 volt mains
When my neighbour joined a religious cult.
And finally when I make these silly lists.

Trigger and Holly, a few years ago.

Loving Greyhounds is the one thing that is not a Phase.

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