Thursday, 18 October 2012

Not on my watch!

So today started like any other day in autumn leafs to be cleared, LOTS of leafs to be cleared!

Beautiful fungi coming up in the lawns

And even growing from the underneath of a branch!

At about half past three I noticed a car going really slow down the lane, I went to a gate to look and it had stopped on the wrong side of the road. At first I thought maybe it was fly tippers so I got my camera out and took a pic. And watched. Had they stopped to have a pee? After a few minutes a youngish woman got out, put on a jacket and scarf, got her shoulder bag out, locked it and checked all doors. As she walked up the road she defiantly had an heir of guilt about her, however judging by her body language I believe she was most likely up to adultery rather than terrorism. She obviously was not very good at covert operations as she had park in full view of our CCTV cameras.

Still you can`t get away with much, not on my watch

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