Thursday, 22 November 2012

Well that`s my Christmas shopping done !

Everyone`s getting a Tia Greyhound and Lurcher calendar

Why do women make such a fuss over buying everyone something different ?
Link to Tia`s website


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A way to celebrate Sophie`s Birthday.

Anyone near Horsforth, Leeds, U.K. On the 26th November. I have arranged for the flood lights to be lit at St Margaret’s Church, To remember and celebrate Sophie`s Birthday.

Is anyone interested in meeting there on the evening ? Say about 7:30 for a minutes silence at 8:00 ?  (Aimed at local U.K. residents)

St Margaret’s Church, Horsforth. Not my image

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Last Meet of the Year at Skipton

As always this meet attracted a large number of caravans and motorhomes to the cattle market at Skipton, some come to do their Christmas shopping in town, but mainly it`s for the last chance to see friends before putting the `vans away for winter.
Skipton Cattle Market (But earlier this year)
Saturday night end of year party kicked off with bingo called by Eric, all went well up till here, and then things went downhill. Tonight we were also celebrating Jane’s and Eric’s golden wedding anniversary, and Chris had spent the last two months gathering signatures for a card and donations for having a special cake made. A small presentation was going to be made, Chris does not like public speaking and asked me to do it, also this seemed to fall into my remit as the group`s Public Relations Officer. However the Sites Officer had wanted to do it and I got in trouble !!!!!!
The Cake
  After that the Treasurer then kept hold of the mica phone when we wanted it for drawing the raffle. Because a lot of the campers really liked the way Chris did the raffles at the larger meets when she was the Social Officer, she had been asked to do it for this weekend. The party was advertised with the theme of “Get me to the Church on Time” and the raffle as having a Wedding Anniversary theme.

The room
  Chris had made a board with the anniversary numbers on
What was supposed to happen was when a ticket was drawn the person with that ticket would come to the front and choose an anniversary, say… 15th I would have announced that that is Crystal and suggest that the raffle prize may be a Crystal Chandelier, Chris would then give them a wrapped gift for them to open in front of the room and find that it in fact was a tub of De-icing Crystals to (hopefully) laughter or groans. This would have been repeated 12 times. However what did happen was the numbers were called people came and got their prize and sat back down. A waste of time and effort on Chris’s part !

Me presenting the cake to Jane and Eric

Still I got to ware my “Madam Dee`s Blood and Bats shirt.”

Monday, 12 November 2012

Post Whitby Syndrome

Also known as Whitby Lurgies. It feels like a cross between the flu, doing cold turkey and loneliness. It`s cursed by coming back down to reality after been on an emotional high,

Lives like looking down a tunnel Whitby Goth weekend
I decided to give my liver a rest this week and not take alcohol~ this is the cold turkey bit! After nearly a week of Pubs, Clubs, good music, friendliness and excess the coldness of real life stinks !!  

Happier times at Whitby Goth weekend
 Wednesday morning the alarm went off, but I stayed in bed ! When I did go out to work I could not concentrate at all I was looking for my leaf rake and it was in my hand. I gave up and went home !
Blubberhouses Hall, where I work on Thursdays
Thursday a little better, it could have been a bad day elsewhere really ~ An Eldergoth, with purple hair suffering from Post Whitby Syndrome and there were 5 builders working at the same garden ! ~ It took till after lunch  for one of them to ask “What`s with the purple hair? No-one dare ask” I started to explain Whitby Goth Weekend, and one said “Ah I`ve been there, it was great” As I said it could have been worse elsewhere, but as the Gardener at these big houses the `Job` does carry a certain amount of respect.

Then today I heard of a girl who was attached on her way home last night. Maybe after Whitby we let our guard down, temperately forgetting the dangers in the real world.

WGW is many things to many folk.  A save haven, a place of fantasy, it is more than a music festival. It is surreal if there is such a thing as magic then it will be at Whitby.

So many people at Whitby Goth weekend..image not mine!!
Whereas some purists would rather that the photographers and the `Dresser-uppers` were not there, some think this adds to the atmosphere.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Rewriting A Bit of History

I have made this frame to recreate a piece of history, and to send my parents the “New born baby card” they should have received when I was born.
Using a lovely handmade card by Zoe Bryant Hainsworth, One of the traders at Whitby Goth Weekend with an original newspaper from the day I was born ~21st July 1959, which my aunty brought me for my 50th birthday and a couple of old photos.
Rewriting A Bit of History
Congratulations It`s a Goth

Is that really me?

My Mum & Dad in 1959

I cannot put in words how much I love that card.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Whitby Goth Weekend November 2012

To be honest I was a bit worried when Chris invited 2 of our friends from camping to come to Whitby with us; however the upside was that if Chris did not want to go to any of the clubs that I did she had 2 baby sitters, so I could go and leave her.
Richard, Chris and Marion
Wednesday night we all headed into town to the Little Angel which was packed and seen as we had got seats we decided to stay there for the night. A new beer Dark Angel was as good as promised.

Marion and Chris
Thursday night is The Sophie Lancaster Foundation Charity night at RAW. A lift provided easy access to the upstairs floor for Marion and we found nice comfy seats. I recognised Martin Oldgoth from the Facebook group and said hello, and introduced myself. One of the differences about Goths compared to main stream people is the general friendliness and unlike any other top DJ Martin not only acknowledged me but came and sat next to me and talked !!!

Whitby Goth Weekend
Later in the night a beautiful young girl called out my name and ran up to kiss me, It`s a long time since that had happened to me in a Club!  This was Danielle who had made my `Blood and Bats` shirt.
Chris was concerned how the loud music would affect Marion, but in the end it was Chris who wanted to call it a day first.

The Sophie Lancaster Bench
I had said a while back that our marriage was in a rut and we were heading for a `mid-life crisis` and that I was going to do different things in 2012 whilst I was still young enough to, whether or not she came along for the ride I was going to enjoy myself. This was the point that I was making my stand! And with having Richard and Marion here she could drive them back to camp and I would get a Taxi home later. It was agreed that at 11`O` clock that would happen.
I stayed to after midnight and got a taxi back, there was no harm done! 

Me in my Blood and Bats Shirt.
Friday morning and a quite early start to get to the Bizarre Bazaars before the crowds. I got the cards that I wanted, a new Weirdo, Musher, Freak hoody from the Sophie Lancaster Foundation stall, and a bottle of ginger wine from English Heritage.

Whitby Goth Weekend/ Custom Car Show
 Saturday morning we went back into Whitby to the Custom Car Show and Manic Market at the Metropole. Due to everything been a “Group decision” we did not join the Zombie walk

Saturday night. Shambles is on the East side and the club was mostly full of people in fancy dress rather than people who were part of the genre/ scene. The difference took some explaining to Richard! But a fun night was had by all.

Me in our Caravan Awning
Sunday night. Little Angel. Then I went to NOSTALGIA at RAW, this is when things went wrong I had said to Chris that I would be home just after midnight, but I was enjoying myself that much that I did not notice that time had flown past to 5 to 1, I am in deep trouble..

The Church at Grosmont, near Whitby
Monday, I was grounded from RAW,  we went to a village pub.

Marion, Richard and Me


Got my appointment for a Gastroscopy at LGI Friday 4.00pm Chris is away, so cannot have a general. Can`t eat/drink from 8.00 am. Ha...