Monday, 12 November 2012

Post Whitby Syndrome

Also known as Whitby Lurgies. It feels like a cross between the flu, doing cold turkey and loneliness. It`s cursed by coming back down to reality after been on an emotional high,

Lives like looking down a tunnel Whitby Goth weekend
I decided to give my liver a rest this week and not take alcohol~ this is the cold turkey bit! After nearly a week of Pubs, Clubs, good music, friendliness and excess the coldness of real life stinks !!  

Happier times at Whitby Goth weekend
 Wednesday morning the alarm went off, but I stayed in bed ! When I did go out to work I could not concentrate at all I was looking for my leaf rake and it was in my hand. I gave up and went home !
Blubberhouses Hall, where I work on Thursdays
Thursday a little better, it could have been a bad day elsewhere really ~ An Eldergoth, with purple hair suffering from Post Whitby Syndrome and there were 5 builders working at the same garden ! ~ It took till after lunch  for one of them to ask “What`s with the purple hair? No-one dare ask” I started to explain Whitby Goth Weekend, and one said “Ah I`ve been there, it was great” As I said it could have been worse elsewhere, but as the Gardener at these big houses the `Job` does carry a certain amount of respect.

Then today I heard of a girl who was attached on her way home last night. Maybe after Whitby we let our guard down, temperately forgetting the dangers in the real world.

WGW is many things to many folk.  A save haven, a place of fantasy, it is more than a music festival. It is surreal if there is such a thing as magic then it will be at Whitby.

So many people at Whitby Goth weekend..image not mine!!
Whereas some purists would rather that the photographers and the `Dresser-uppers` were not there, some think this adds to the atmosphere.

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