Monday, 30 December 2013

A New years` message

I might not get on here tomorrow so I will leave you with this.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Pink Peg Slax

What a great Winter Solstice I had. Nice pub, The fleece in Farsley. Great Music thanks to Pink Peg Slax, a Rockabilly band from Leeds, which was a bit of a change for me, although I have seen them many times over the years. And good conversation with mates old and new.
Pink Peg Slax

Friday, 13 December 2013

Another Week in Diary Form

Monday morning: knees killing me (See my last blog, Quite a weekend, for reason)
Work…… leafs, leafs and more leafs.

leafs, leafs and leafs
Tuesday: knees feeling a bit better, but still got Saturday night in my head, which does make work more bearable. However cutting a long hard Hawthorne hedge whilst singing “Should I Stay, Or Should I Go” (The Clash) Doesn’t help to get it straight though

Wednesday night a 5 band gig in town, Ashestoangels + Dead + Bad Pollyanna + Chasing Dragons + Pscyhobabylon. The venue was sold out a comment that was made by the singer of Ashestoangels, but as I said a bit too loud “NO IT`S BAD POLLYANNA WHY IT`S SOLD OUT!!!” Anyway as regular readers may have guessed in my opinion the best band there was Bad Pollyanna by a long way. Normally in the UK the lower age limit is 18 in pubs or even 21 in some clubs, but tonight it was only 16, this been because the average age of Ashestoangels fans is 15 so the bar staff where checking IDs before serving alcohol to the younger looking ones. That, of cause did affect me.

Ashestoangels & fans Pic pinched from Andrew Nash
However in-between the last 2 bands a friend and I were talking to Olivia the singer in Bad Pollyanna who was quite upset that she HAD been asked for ID at the bar and because she was in her stage cloths had none with her, she was refused alcohol! Been ever the chivalrous gentleman I went and bought her a drink. Later I received a hug so it was well worth it.

Olivia with drink. Pic from Jack Howard
Thursday started with a long motorway drive to Scunthorpe for a funeral of an honorary aunt, Googles directions were right till we left the motorway and it said “Go through 2 roundabouts” it should have said take 2rd exit! as a result of which we only just made it on time! It was one of those funerals with only 8 mourners there.

Honorary Aunt, Veronica
After that we drove up to York for lunch and then to The Haunted House, 35 Stonegate where there was a Night Yule Market. More at WWW.HAUNTEDHOUSEYORK.CO.UK

Night Yule Market, York Poster
Finally back home for a rest. The weekend starts on Saturday.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Quite A Weekend

In fact you could say a weekend and a half !
Thursday the whole of the UK was hit by strong winds and rain, like a fool I went to work but only stopped for 2 hours. Later when I took some rubbish out to the bin I found that the back window of my car had been smashed I think something must have hit it in the gales. So ringing my insurance company and no one could come till Friday morning.
Pic from Whitby Holiday Cottages
Then the postman came and we had a letter telling us that a horary Aunty had died and the funeral is on next Thursday but 60 mile away in a town called Scunthorpe. Later in the day we saw the floods down the East coast caused by a combination of the wind, rain and a spring tide  

Pic from Whitby Holiday Cottages
Friday I had an eye test and need new reading glasses, at night Chris came out with me to see Rhombus and The Last Cry. Two of my favourite bands of the moment. Supported by Jordan Reyne It was really great to have my wife with me at a club.

Pic from Rhombus
Saturday night was Flock but on my own, we had Cold in Berlin, Berlin Black and Partly Faithful. I have seen all these before and really like Berlin Black. After the bands comes the records and as usual Paul and Howard played great music and somehow I went from taping my feet and nodding my head to actually been on the dance floor for the first time in 29 years I`m not too sure how that happened but I when I realised I remember thinking “Going to be sore in the morning” Still I danced like it was 1984! And no one seemed to mind.

Pic from Berlin Black
My knees and ankle survived and on Sunday I felt alright too, witch was a good job as I was on Granddading duties.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Brookside Nurseries 1904-2013

Ross and Linda`s Retirement Party 30/11/2013

On Saturday night the wife and I attended the retirement party of my ex bosses Linda and Ross Burkes whom had owned and run Brookside Nurseries (That`s a Garden centre to some) from when Linda`s dad died in the 1960`s till now

Ross and Linda`s Retirement Party 30/11/2013
The party was held in the Nursery which made quite an interesting venue.There had been a Nursery on the site in various guises for over a hundred years starting with a Greengrocer who grew the vegetables he sold in his shop.

Me talking to a friend
I had worked there for three and a half years 1998 to 2002 before starting my own Gardening business

Ross and Linda`s Retirement Party 30/11/2013
As at these type of events there was food, a bar and a band. Speeches were made and a lump came to many a throat.

L to R Ross, someone giving a presentation, and Linda
I wish Linda and Ross “A long and happy retirement” they were good people to work for.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

They Never Did Take Me Alive.

My TV provider keeps pestering me to add BT Sports (At extra cost) so I told them.

They Never Did Take Me Alive.
They very nearly did get me once; it was the second to last week before we went on stand-down for the final exams before I could leave school for good. I was in History class which we had in the library, a room often used by kids avoiding PE and Games, in fact I had spent many an hour in an out of the way corner keeping my head down and been unnoticed by all. On this near catastrophic day a PE teacher who had started at the school when I was in the second year came in and told our teacher that he was looking for dodgers. The librarian said “Everyone in here should be, they`re all mine.” But the PE teacher was looking around and saw me who he did not recognize and said “Who are you?” I gulped and the librarian said “He`s with me” but the PE teacher carried on “I don`t know you!!” that was echoed around the class. Bright red and shouting, he went on “When do you do games?” Of cause I had not been to that part of the school for four and a half years, but I said “Monday afternoon sir” by now the veins on his forehead were standing out and everyone was expecting him to explode, literally He screamed “I want to see you there!!” As he left the room the class were still coming to terms with the fact that I had not been to the gym for all that time.

Come Monday I thought it better to take the whole day off and did just that,

Well… I`d nothing to wear!

They Never Did Take Me Alive.
Over the next few weeks I took my exams, went back to school for one last day. That was the happiest day of my life at the time, and I walked away with my head held high (and my arse intact) and NEVER LOOKED BACK. I didn`t even go back for my results!

My old school..pic off Google

They Never Did Take Me Alive.



Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bad Pollyanna + Alice Moving Under Skies + Wrapped in Plastic at Carpe Noctum, Bradford

I had been looking forward to this one for a long time! So I planned todays work to start later, giving me a lie-in. The bus came on time and I even found my way to club with no problems. The bar is very reasonably priced and because I was not driving I dived straight in to the Newcastle Brown Ale!
Wrapped in Plastic at Carpe Noctum, Bradford 22/11/13
The first band; Wrapped in Plastic where billed as “a little more (industrial-) metal than our usual bands” but that should by fine! However, let`s say I liked their Drum machine/ backing tape, and the bass guitarist made good sounds. The lead guitarist seemed to be content in a world of their own, but I didn`t quite manage to catch two words the vocalist sang! Now speaking of things I missed, you can call me old school, old fashioned or even just old, but when I go to “see” a band I do like to actually see them! don`t get me wrong a bit of back-lightings fine, I love smoke/fog but I had to go to the front of the dance floor (Which was completely empty) and use a flash to get any sort of photo! It`s no secret that I`ve seen literary hundreds of live bands in my time, tonight was a first, I have never seen an ending to a set like it before………… They just seemed to wonder off in the semi darkness and go home leaving the backing tape playing to us. Eventually someone turned it off and the DJ put a record on! Everybody turned around, and looked at each other till someone (Me) said Arrh is that it?
Alice Moving Under Skies at Carpe Noctum, Bradford 22/11/13
Alice Moving Under Skies are in an altogether different league, a little bit more on the electronic side. With clear and clean cut male and female vocals over, but not fighting with exciting guitar and bass lines helped with a drum machine. Half way though we were treated to a bit of magic with sword swallowing and a very long piece of tape came magically out of the bass players` mouth. A very good set.
Bad Pollyanna at Carpe Noctum, Bradford 22/11/13
I would not have thought it possible, but Bad Pollyanna just keep getting better, I always loved them, I always thought that they are brilliant, but goodness they have just gone up another notch! With a reworked set now opening with “Awake Now” and pounding though a fantastic set that seemed all to short but in fact lasted nearly an hour and half! I can only say that my favourites are from the CD that I already have, because as soon as I hear new songs I love them as well. But here goes not in any order, Hollow, the last single, Monstrous Child, Liquid Lover, The Living Dead, and about half way in a short pause for an introduction to their new single Epilogue (Invincible Girl) dedicated to Sophie Lancaster with all proceeds going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Rounding off with My Incubi and an encore of Personal Jesus.
Valerian Adore, The Greatest Drummer in the world
I always used to like to buy merchandise from gigs and so I purchased their new CD, but better than that Olivia offered to sign it and asked me to wait so all the band could, I also had a short chat with most of the band members, so a big Thank You to Olivia, Nikki, Stephen and Valerian.  
So move over Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace. There are new Rock Gods and Demons in town.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Skipton November 2013

Mundane By Day and Well Mundane By Night As Well

Our camping (caravanning) trips for 2013 came to an end at the weekend with as always a stay at Skipton Cattle Market. I really like the town of Skipton; typical of many Dales towns it has a market on five days a week and many independent shops  with just a few of the chain stores.

Friday was the usual round of meeting and greeting folk we had not seen for a while and then we had a quick look around the shops in the Cattle Market, which as you`d expect are quite agricultural in nature, then had a quite night in the `van

Pictures not mine, found on Google From The Source
On Saturday we went into town and we found a new shop, “From The Source” Which is an independent family business importing and selling a unique range of fair trade and ethical fashion and accessories, both at the shop and online. In an age of fast fashion, throwaway products and faceless high street shops, they aim to connect their customers with the people that make the products they sell, and promote trade that can help make the world a better place. We purchased some presents and I found a lovely shirt, which Chris said she`d buy me for Christmas.
Link to their website

Pictures not mine, found on Google
In the market there was a sandwich van with an outside covered eating area where we had lunch in the form of a Hog Roast Sandwich. I had all the trimmings, Chris just had apple sauce on hers!

Pictures not mine, found on Google
Now as much as I do love Skipton and shops and things do keep changing there, this was the third time this year we had been and apart from the splendid Wensleydale Cheese stall there is only so much you can keep buying, mind you having said that I did manage spend about half a week`s earnings !

Saturday night we went in to a hall for a party/ get-together, I don`t want to sound bitchy, but there had been NO planning put into this and it was a really boring event. I would however like to thank the friend sat around us for saving the night as we made our own fun. Thank you all. There was bingo (Think I`ll go to the toilet), a rather dull raffle (Think I`ll go to the toilet again and read the Cows for sale adds) and a long, rambling music type quiz (Pass me that rope, I lost the will to live!)
Then Betty one of the eldest amongst us told her informus “Worm” joke! Tonight was the 14th anniversary of the first time I`d heard it and every time it`s different. I will put it on here someday, but not today!
Sunday morning we had lunch and went home.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Bonfire Meet

Last weekend we joined another Camping group for their bonfire meet, it was at Wetherby Race Course, where we had camped a few weeks ago.
The hoisting group, Leeds District Association is much larger than whom we normally camp with and a lot younger and also a lot better organized !

The Bonfire ready to be lit
For those of you reading this outside the UK. The 5th of November also known as Guy Fawkes Night or just Bonfire Night, is when we celebrate or mark the event when Guy Fawkes and a few others tried to blow-up the Houses of Parliament in 1604 and kill King James. Basically they were caught and burned hence the fire and fireworks.

Fireworks (It`s hard to photo with my camera)
Had I not camped but stopped at home and gone out on Saturday night, at the Club I go to Morderstein (The Rammstein tribute act) were on again, so I would not have gone. Instead I did get to see some good fireworks here.

The Bonfire starting to go.

More Fireworks.
After we went inside for “Pie and Peas” and a disco that was not my sort of thing but it was nice to talk to friend that I had not seen for a while.  

There was a singer (I think it`s the one holding the mic.)

On Sunday morning we had a final get together before having lunch and heading home. All in all an interesting and fun weekend.

Thursday, 31 October 2013


Last weekend we had a short caravanning trip to Rufforth near York, it was not with our usual group, but still park of The Camping and Caravanning Club.  
In our caravan, getting ready.
On Saturday evening there was a Halloween party in the room, we had been told of this at time of booking and were offered the chance to be in `fancy dress` I politely declined this and stated that I would be in my usual attire for a Saturday night out.

This proved a bit hard to believe for some, who commented that they thought I was not dressing-up and I replied no this is how I go out like all year!

The room was quite well decorated.
However today is Halloween and I will leave you with this link to one of my favourite new bands, Bad Pollyanna , The Living Dead from 24th May 2013 at The Gasworks Bradford.
You can just see me in the middle of the 2nd row.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Skeletal Family, Bradford

On Thursday night I once again braved my luck and headed down to Bradford. The bus was 20 minutes late and despite printing the Google directions I went out of Bradford bus station by the wrong exit and got lost again!
I eventually found my way to the club Vampire just in time to catch the support band Dawn of Elysium, who I first saw a couple of months ago and as before they played a great set.
The Skeletal Family, Vampire Bradford
A quick turn around on stage and it was time for the main act The Skeletal Family, who are from Keighley the Yorkshire Dales Mill Town who`s most famous residents were The Bronte Sisters. Everyone here will know of Wuthering Heights etc.

The Bronte Sisters (pic form Google)
That must be something to follow, with tonight been the warm-up for their American tour starting on Sunday and was also a bit of a “See you” gig as we say in Yorkshire.

The Skeletal Family, Vampire Bradford
Although I am not a hard-core fan of The Family I soon could be the set was great and I really recommend going to see them if you get the chance. The classic Gothic line up of 3 guitars, drums and female tick all the boxes for me.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dog owners please be aware

Sorry but it`s another warning blog that I have to do.
Is This the latest trends in parks please be careful & Please Share !

Monday, 14 October 2013

Jewellery and belongings found with decomposing body of young woman in Bolton UK

Pictures of jewellery found on the decomposing body of a young woman have been released by police in a bid to identify her and work out how she died.
The grim discovery was made near Manchester Road, Bolton adjacent to the River Croal at Raikes Clough last Thursday tea-time.

Police have so far failed to establish the identity of the woman, how she died or what her final movements were.

Now they have released photos of a distinctive bat necklace worn by the woman - thought to be aged 18-25 -  as well as other items found on her body including a Sony Walkman MP3 player, a PNY USB memory stick,  an Aldi shopping trolley token with a black cat on the back and a Sandisk 16GB microSD memory card.

A post-mortem by a Home Office pathologist failed to establish a cause of death.

The woman was approximately 18-25 years old, probably white, 5ft2 to 5ft4 tall, wore size 12 clothes and had dark brown or lack long hair fastened in a pony tail with a red elasticated bobble. She also had a number of facial piercings and pierced navel.

She was wearing a dark navy blue or black duffle style coat with fur trimmed collar, black tight fitting trousers, a tee shirt with a diamante cat on the front, black cardigan, four to four and half size shin high 14 hole black Doc Martin boots.

Jewellery was also found on the body and police have now issued images to see if anyone recognises them.

Det Insp Michael Fraser from GMP said: "When we searched the body, we found a number of items on her that we hope can help identity her. She was also wearing a distinctive necklace with a bat pendant and had a chain secured to her waist band on which were a four inch pink 'mini maglite' style torch, an Aldi shopping trolley token with a black cat on the back, a PNY USB memory stick, a Sandisk 16GB microSD memory card and a Sony Walkman MP3 player. Within the pocket of her trousers was a train ticket and timetable for the Edinburgh to Manchester Airport train line.

"We still do not know how she died but our main priority is to find out who she is. Extensive enquiries have taken place and we are currently looking at missing person files across Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK. However, so far, we have not been able to identify her and more importantly, inform her family that they have sadly lost a loved one.

"We believe her body may have been there for a few weeks or even months and I would ask anyone who may have seen a woman in this area who matches the description given to contact us.

"Alternatively, do you recognise any of the images or know of someone who owns such items? If you do, we are keen to hear from you as the information you supply may help us piece together her final movements and eventually help us to find out who she is."

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 5599 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sacrosanct 2013 Reading

Whilst visiting my Grandson and family I was able to combine the trip with the Sacrosanct festival at Reading. There was some really amazing bands on, some of which I have seen before.

You can see me in there, 3rd row back in the middle
  I had a fantastic time on both nights, and it was quite a change from “Grandading” in the day time.

Here is the list of bands.
The Edan House
The Last Cry
Berlin Black
Archway Towers
Silent Scream

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
The House of Usher
The Eternal Fall
Dead Eyes Opened
Here are some of the bands. These are not my Photos. I found them at via Facebook.

Berlin Black

The Last Cry

The Edan House

Dead Eyes Opened

The House of Usher


Thanks to all who made this, such a truly great weekend I am looking forward to Sacrosanct 2014 already

Grooving In Green + October Burns Black + Auger at Carpe Noctum, Leeds

I had looking forward to this gig ever since I knew about it, but on Saturday morning I didn`t feel up to it especially with having to wor...