Saturday, 12 January 2013

Happy Birthday to App`y Talk.

So I have now been Blogging for one year.
I`ve had fun, made some mistakes, leaned a lot, forgot a lot more but most importantly made `friends` with some really great, interesting people along the way.
Too the people who have and especially those who still are following me I say “Thank you”.

Trigger and Holly 
 Although the original idea was to use the Blog as a way of archiving my `column` in our camping groups newsletter, Spen `n` Ink, it very soon outgrow that and I started writing for the Blog, and just ‘copy and pasted’ the highlights to the Newsletter.

So here are some total unrelated pictures, just for the fun of it.
Green Man

Camping in the Dales

Whitby Abbey

Finally (and I`ve used this one before) should I log off and get a live ?....NO.

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