Monday, 14 January 2013

Night out at The Last Lucifer Lounge

Last night I went to The Last Lucifer Lounge in Leeds. Before I left home snow had already started to fall, but as where I live is quite a way out of the city centre and about 200 feet higher I was not worried. I don’t like to take the car into Leeds and I was glad that the bus came bang on time. All our buses are nice and warm these days, and the city centre always seems warmer than at home so I arrived at the club ready to party.
The room we have is upstairs, but the only bar open is downstairs so I got my first drink and waited for the club to open. In a few minutes one of the DJs came down and invited us up. As always the DJs asked if we had any requests and the music began. 

Pic from Sheepish Leeds,Thanks 
That`s me far right!
 Sundays are always quite in pubs and clubs but downstairs was deserted! I was forced to wonder if `we` got the upstairs room free because the bar was quite, or if the bar was quite because of the Goths upstairs?
Pic from Sheepish Leeds,Thanks 
Now it is no secret that I am no longer in the first flush of youth and with my ankle still sore, my knees not good and of course my vertigo I do not dance. That was a pity as that may have kept me warm, for as the evening went on and the cool bear went down I became quite cold. I could also see the snow was falling heavier now and fearing I may need to be out and working very early in the morning I decided to reluctantly leave early and head home. Still a great night and just because we are not using that venue again does not mean there`s not more club-nights to look forward to in Leeds soon. 

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  1. That looks like a cozy pub! Been thirty-odd years since I was in England  ... Some day, I'd like to come back and sit in some lovely pubs again! :o)



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