Monday, 25 February 2013

Thruscross Cemetery

Thruscross Cemetery entrance
On Friday I decided to finish work at lunch time and I had a drive around the Washburn Valley before heading home. Despite the bitter cold and what we call a lazy wind, (It goes though you, not around you!) I made my mind up to stop and photo Thruscross Cemetery. It is in the middle of nowhere with no Church or buildings of any type.

I knew the story of the village of West End which was flooded In the 1960`s when the fourth reservoir was made in the Washburn Valley to supply Leeds with its drinking water. In that old Dales village, was Holy Trinity Church with many graves. Gravestones were removed and bodies exhumed. A new church was built to the South-West of the reservoir where they were reburied.
In times of drought the remains of the old village could be still seen, but this must be quite an old pic from Google
What I didn`t know was that in the 1980` due to lack of use the Church became obsolete and converted to West End Outdoor Centre, and the poor souls were again exhumed and reburied at this bleak site on Greenhow Hill.

Holy Trinity Church pic from Google, dated 1966
The first thing about this Cemetery, apart from as I said that there are no buildings is how straight and formal the rows of graves are, in small old Yorkshire Church yards things happen a bit more haphazard.

Thruscross Cemetery, the old graves
  Which brings to the second point, the old graves, the ones been moved are on the north wall lying roughly head north-west of the feet, but the new graves are lined at 90° to these so their heads are more south-east of their feet.

Thruscross Cemetery, the old graves
 I know it`s winter, but the bleakness here is quite overpowering and if you were in to the spiritual side of things I feel this cemetery has so much more than any I have visited in towns, cities or villages for a long time. Basically what I think I`m saying is that if I were to be buried after my death, I think I would like it to be here.
Thruscross Cemetery, the new graves
I used the following websites to add to my knowledge of this.
I will return to this with more pics when it is warmer here.


Friday, 22 February 2013

The Mundane Life

Sorry for not posting for a while, I feel as if nothing worthwhile has happened of late not to compare to the Spizzenergi gig that is. Anyway at work been mainly spiking lawns to improve drainage and allow more air into the root system, this also helps to reduce the build-up of moss. 

Spiking Lawns 
 Then last Wednesday on my second call I was in a garage preparing for painting 2 garden benches, when I opened the door there was  2inchs of snow! On the way home I had a slight incident on the snow! that would not have happened in my old car….
Snow at Pool in Wharfedale 
 Saturday night was the AGM of our camping group the prices at the bar were astronomical and the bear was not even that good! More mundane things this week at work but at least no snow.

Same people, sat in same places, saying same things, but this was not this year`s pic.
 On our local news there was an item were an old man had died in a care home and had no family to mourn him, so the local Vicar posted on Facebook for people to turn up at his funeral and there were hundreds. I could do that “Have Black coat, Top hat and sombre disposition”

Mourner for hire 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Spizzenergi + Pink Peg Slax + Old`sCool at The Brudenell Club, Leeds

Somewhere there is a law of physics that determines. If you go out on a Saturday night and feel half your age on Sunday morning you will feel twice your age! This is true! Also sorry for the quality of my pics, I go out to enjoy myself with only a small camera, it`s only to give you an idea of what you missed. 
Old`s Cool

 The first band on was Old`s Cool a cover band who said they would play some Punk and New Wave covers to warm us up ready for Spizzenergi. And boy did they just, from the first bars of New Model Army`s No Rest though London Calling, Swords of a 1000 men, Into the Valley, A town called Malice to even a great play of Joy Division`s Transmission and Elvis Costello`s Pump It Up. A fantastic opening act, well worth catching. 

Pink Peg Slax
 Next up were Pink Peg Slax, a Rockabilly group from Leeds, that I had seen many times in the 80`s Still a good band playing 50`s type Rock n Roll. I like them for a change, but seemed a bit of an odd choice between Old`s Cool and Spizzenergi.

 It may be nearly 30 years since I last saw Spizz. What have I been doing? They were totally brilliant. If anything like good wine time had made them better. They played their classics. Early in the set were Spocks Missing, Amnesia and surprisingly Soldier Soldier, with a new arrangement from the 1979 single. The crowd went wild in Virginia Plain. And all too soon came the climax Where`s Captain Kirk.


What a night. What a group. I don`t remember them been that good.

It is fair to say at this point that the majority of the crowd were my side of 45, we were once called the X generation or the Lost generation, but we ARE the generation that knows how to have a good time. 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Car Update.

Now that I`ve had my car for a week, I`ve come to realize not only have I got the most un-cool car in the land (it`s even in beige) It has the handling qualities of a sumo wrestler on stilts.

  It is also 2inch shorter in the back than my Impreza was so I might have to cut 2” of the handles of some of my rakes and hoes !
 I have tried to make it look more interesting in these pictures.

The good news is that inside there is enough headroom for me to drive wearing my Top hat.

The dark windows are useful for their reflections

 I`ve also tried to personalise it with some Halloween window transfers.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

A night out, of three parts

Morderstein and The Marching Men, Flock Leeds

The Marching Men
 I arrived at the Library in time to get a first pint and then make my way upstairs before the first band of the night came on stage. The Marching Men are a Sisters of Mercy tribute band and although I am not a great fan of tribute bands as a whole I am a great fan of The Sisters of Mercy.

The Marching Men
So how did it go, in a word great ! I loved them ! They opened the set with Reptile House (one of my favourites) and continued, but perhaps not in this order with ; Alice (one of my favourites) Body Electric (one of my favourites) Frist And Last And Always Emma (one of my favourites) Valentine (one of my favourites) and quite a few more. I didn`t take notes, I was far too busy enjoying myself ! It all ended far too quickly.

The Marching Men
Time for a trip to the bar while few records were played and then on to Morderstein another tribute band, this time to Rammstein, who to be honest I had to look-up on Wikipedia, they were after my time, so to speak , apologies to any  Rammstein fans reading this. According to Wikipedia Rammstein are, and sing in German, their music is heavily Influenced by Kiss, (that is GOOD) and their set uses a lot of pyrotechnics, also good ! So this could be interesting !.... Well no not really, OK they sang it German I think, They were VERY loud I mean VERY VERY LOUD I seen some of the world`s biggest heavy metal rock bands at some big venues, but last night was LOUD ! too loud. As for the pyrotechnics we had a few sparklers I done bigger/ better efforts when camping !! Oh and they went on too long as well for me. Still there were lot of people there who seemed to be enjoying it.

But Flock at the Library is a Goth club and I know it`s a thin line sometimes between the Goth and heavy metal but that line was well crossed!

Morderstein Pic from Flock`s Facebook page Thanks
Eventually they finished and the DJ took up the stand and the night took another 180 degree turn.  Paul played records as if he`d been in my record cupboard at home ! mixed with some new Goth just right. Sadly time now passed to quickly again and I had to head for home, so 2 great parts to the night, one not so good part, but still better than watching Casualty on TV.

Sisters of Mercy about 1982-3 We were all younger back then

Friday, 1 February 2013

End of a Driving Era

On Tuesday I took my car for its annual MOT test. I had not been home long when the phone rang. It was the garage and they bad news! The underside of the car had become very badly corroded with two big holes; it’s in need of two new sills, three tyres and new brakes, and they said that’s before they go much further! The result is I had to buy a new car.

So after 15 years of faultless service I have to say goodbye.

Nothing will replace my Impreza, I don`t think even another one would. So I have gone for practicality for my work. I don`t want to be driving around in a van, so I have got a Renault Kangoo. It`s sort of a van with windows, it drives okay, but not like the Subaru.

So here are some pictures of my experience.

What I had
What I wanted !
What I got !
No doubt I will grow to like it, but I just don`t like change. I `ll go for a drive at the weekend and maybe take some more pics 


Got my appointment for a Gastroscopy at LGI Friday 4.00pm Chris is away, so cannot have a general. Can`t eat/drink from 8.00 am. Ha...