Friday, 1 February 2013

End of a Driving Era

On Tuesday I took my car for its annual MOT test. I had not been home long when the phone rang. It was the garage and they bad news! The underside of the car had become very badly corroded with two big holes; it’s in need of two new sills, three tyres and new brakes, and they said that’s before they go much further! The result is I had to buy a new car.

So after 15 years of faultless service I have to say goodbye.

Nothing will replace my Impreza, I don`t think even another one would. So I have gone for practicality for my work. I don`t want to be driving around in a van, so I have got a Renault Kangoo. It`s sort of a van with windows, it drives okay, but not like the Subaru.

So here are some pictures of my experience.

What I had
What I wanted !
What I got !
No doubt I will grow to like it, but I just don`t like change. I `ll go for a drive at the weekend and maybe take some more pics 


  1. Wouldn't the one you wanted have been awesome - probably not terribly practical though ... ;o)

    1. That Vintage hearse is at Whitby Goth Weekend every year, as well as some newer ones which belong to some of the Goth DJs.

  2. I feel your pain, sir.
    I'm about to say goodbye to the Subaru Legacy I have driven for almost 12 years because I'm crossing the ocean. I'm not sure what car I'm going to be driving next, but i'm sure it won't be as enjoyable.
    That hearse is epic!

  3. There really is something about Subaru’s

  4. It goes to show you if you take care of your car and buy the right one, it will last for years. I take mine for its check up every time it is due. The car is over 7 years old and still in good shape.



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