Monday, 29 April 2013

Mini Whitby

I had resolved myself to the fact that I was not going to go to Whitby Goth Weekend this April, but on Monday I read on Facebook that Tia Greyhound Rescue were having a stall at the Bizaare Bazaar. So that did it I was going!  All be it, just for Saturday.
This of cause meant I had to first empty and clean inside my car. Regular readers will know I`m not over found of this car, but I must say over the journey there and back we have bonded somewhat.
Whitby 2013
 It`s surprizing how many people I met that I knew it`s nice to say hello especially to them who I only see at Whitby, like Danielle, who had made my “Blood and Bats” shirt. Danielle trades as Madame Dees Creations (Find her on Facebook ) A few other people had commented on my shirt I was pleased to inform Danielle.
At Whitby
A lot of shopping followed, then I put my feet up in my car for an hour before getting some more food and heading to The Resolution Hotel where Bad Pollyanna were due to play at 8:30. I say due to, because it was past that when they turned up and had to set up and sound check! Finally they started at a quarter to ten! I only stayed for the first three songs before very reluctantly leaving for a two hour drive home.
Tia`s Stall
So was it worth it? …………..YES, and I even had a case of “Post Whitby depression” today!
So,last weekend I had a choice; I could pay the Accountant or go to Whitby? The Accountant can wait.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Bedale Part 2

I promised more pictures from Bedale so this time it`s doors and gutter hoppers
Bedale dates back to before the Doomsday Book 1086. On the street there are plenty of dates on buildings from after that, here are some I noticed walking around.
Bedale, North Yorkshire 
 At the top of the high street is St. Gregory's church, next to that is The Chantry Hall (Sorry no pics) then next are two buildings with gutter hoppers which have dates on, one is 1716 and the oldest is 1586.

Bedale, North Yorkshire 
 On the way in to the Church is a small building I`m not sure what it is, over its door is the date 1674

Bedale, North Yorkshire 
 This is a side door to the Church, I love those hinges.

St. Gregory's church Bedale
And finely the main door into the Church.

St. Gregory's church Bedale

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Church of St Gregory, Bedale

During our weekend away we stopped at Bedale and after a walk up and down the High street shops we went into the Church cemetery
St Gregory’s Church
This Gothic church retains some Catholic relics, although Puritans during the English Civil War vandalised a lot of the features such as statues
The Tower at St Gregory’s Church
  The Church has a rare defensive fortified tower, considered one of the best examples in Northern England, built in 1330 as a place of refuge from the marauding Scots. (Scottish warrior people)  This tower contains a chime of 8 bells, the earliest dating from 14th Century.
St Gregory’s Church
The domesday Survey records a stone church on the site of St Gregory's in 1085. Although this suffered severely under the harrying of the North in 1069, some elements of the Saxon carving can still be seen in the crypt below the chancel as well as the nave.
St Gregory’s Church View of the East end
  In 1290 the unique 5 light window was inserted in the East wall of the chantry which was endowed to the monks of Jervaulx. The Chancel was further extended and raised over a crypt in 1320 and the North Aisle widened in 1342 to include St George's chapel and clerestorey windows were added.
At St Gregory’s Church
  My main interest is the stone architecture of the buildings and grave stones. I do not publish pictures of the stones where the names are new and readable so as not to be disrespectful to the families. There was one family grave with a new stone where the earliest burial was dated 1912 and the last 2012.
At St Gregory’s Church I have to have an Angel Don`t blink !

Monday, 8 April 2013


I can`t believe it`s five weeks since the last Flock! Mind you I’d been a bit off it for half of that time. My first port of call on entering the Library is the bar although it is a `student` pub they do sometimes have some Real Ale on tap and tonight they did. Then by chance I started talking Ade the lead singer with the first band The Lost Souls. We were just about to go upstairs to the `Club` part proper when my `phone went, I`d got a text from a client who`s away on holiday and his house alarm had gone off twice, he wanted me to go check all was ok tomorrow. I bet the TV Gardeners don`t do that!
The Lost Souls Pic Off Facebook
The Lost Souls are a local Leeds band, who by Ade`s own words are not sure if they`re more Goth or Punk, but for me that`s fine. On stage Ade is joined by Paddy and a drum machine. I`m sure I vaguely remember Paddy from the F Club days back in the 80`s either that or he just has `one of those faces` NO offence meant.
From the first note out of the drum machine I knew that I was going to like it. The Promoter had compared them to “Salvation at their finest and waxed lyrically about finely crafted guitar-driven songs that capture the authentic punk-goth sound of Leeds. Well I`m old enough to remember them days and I won`t disagree with that. Unfortunately they don`t yet seem to have songs on the net so I can`t do a link. FIND THEM, SEE THEM!

Dead Eyes Opened Pic Off Facebook
Next up Dead Eyes Opened. Having already been featured in Unscene Magazine (Issue 10) I was looking forward to this band and once again I loved them. A good clear sound and look to match my expectations of what I call a proper Goth band. I liked 
Cold In Berlin Pic Off Facebook

Tonight`s Headliners were Cold in Berlin. Meant to be a mix of The Cure, Bauhaus and Sonic Youth, the advert said. I certainly go with that, but somewhere, just after Kiss or the Ramones I began to lose touch with the New York Sound. I just don`t quite get the Slow motion head banging, still I am getting on a bit, and I did enjoy the music especially the drumming.

I decided to stay to about midnight and enjoy the records, but not drink much as I was in the car. I had hoped by the end of March that I would be working enough to be able to splash out on a taxi home. Let`s hope the weather stays better now.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Some Vintage Things of Mine.

To join in on Victorian Kitty of Sophisticate Noir`s monthly themed compilation of posts, here are some pictures of some of my things that could be considered vintage and although they do not have any monetary value I treasure them dearly as most belonged to my parents or grandparents.

I hope you find these interesting.

Granddad at work sometime in the 1920`s
 I remember this photo been always on my Grandmothers dressing table. It is of my Granddad at work sometime in the 1920`s he was a Chauffeur and my Grandmother was a Cook at a big house, like, but smaller than, TV`s Downton Abbey.
Dad`s Pocket Watch
 My Fathers Pocket Watch, used when he was in the Police and a Bus Driver.
Liqueur Glasses
These Liqueur / Sherry Glasses were a wedding present to my Grand Parents, so about 1920ish. Sadly only 5 have survived the interim 90- 100 years. I sometimes have a Cointreau in one whilst I watch Downton Abbey.
Mum`s Cook Book
A 1959 Cook Book, of my mums which came with a Creda Cooker note how it is called “Housecraft Manual” and as well as recipes gives help on` laundry`, `Table Decorations` and `Taking a Pride in one`s Home`.

Now please check out Sophisticate Noir`s  lovely blog to find more vintage posts

I hope I`ve got the link bit right !

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