Friday, 19 April 2013

Bedale Part 2

I promised more pictures from Bedale so this time it`s doors and gutter hoppers
Bedale dates back to before the Doomsday Book 1086. On the street there are plenty of dates on buildings from after that, here are some I noticed walking around.
Bedale, North Yorkshire 
 At the top of the high street is St. Gregory's church, next to that is The Chantry Hall (Sorry no pics) then next are two buildings with gutter hoppers which have dates on, one is 1716 and the oldest is 1586.

Bedale, North Yorkshire 
 On the way in to the Church is a small building I`m not sure what it is, over its door is the date 1674

Bedale, North Yorkshire 
 This is a side door to the Church, I love those hinges.

St. Gregory's church Bedale
And finely the main door into the Church.

St. Gregory's church Bedale


  1. I love those gutters - they're amazing! I'd like to have something like that on my house! LOL

    And the side door - I'd like one of those, too.

    1. Yes they certainly beat the plastic rubbish you get now-a-days

    2. Yeah, I can't imagine anything we make these days lasting for 400 years! :o)


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