Monday, 8 April 2013


I can`t believe it`s five weeks since the last Flock! Mind you I’d been a bit off it for half of that time. My first port of call on entering the Library is the bar although it is a `student` pub they do sometimes have some Real Ale on tap and tonight they did. Then by chance I started talking Ade the lead singer with the first band The Lost Souls. We were just about to go upstairs to the `Club` part proper when my `phone went, I`d got a text from a client who`s away on holiday and his house alarm had gone off twice, he wanted me to go check all was ok tomorrow. I bet the TV Gardeners don`t do that!
The Lost Souls Pic Off Facebook
The Lost Souls are a local Leeds band, who by Ade`s own words are not sure if they`re more Goth or Punk, but for me that`s fine. On stage Ade is joined by Paddy and a drum machine. I`m sure I vaguely remember Paddy from the F Club days back in the 80`s either that or he just has `one of those faces` NO offence meant.
From the first note out of the drum machine I knew that I was going to like it. The Promoter had compared them to “Salvation at their finest and waxed lyrically about finely crafted guitar-driven songs that capture the authentic punk-goth sound of Leeds. Well I`m old enough to remember them days and I won`t disagree with that. Unfortunately they don`t yet seem to have songs on the net so I can`t do a link. FIND THEM, SEE THEM!

Dead Eyes Opened Pic Off Facebook
Next up Dead Eyes Opened. Having already been featured in Unscene Magazine (Issue 10) I was looking forward to this band and once again I loved them. A good clear sound and look to match my expectations of what I call a proper Goth band. I liked 
Cold In Berlin Pic Off Facebook

Tonight`s Headliners were Cold in Berlin. Meant to be a mix of The Cure, Bauhaus and Sonic Youth, the advert said. I certainly go with that, but somewhere, just after Kiss or the Ramones I began to lose touch with the New York Sound. I just don`t quite get the Slow motion head banging, still I am getting on a bit, and I did enjoy the music especially the drumming.

I decided to stay to about midnight and enjoy the records, but not drink much as I was in the car. I had hoped by the end of March that I would be working enough to be able to splash out on a taxi home. Let`s hope the weather stays better now.



  1. The Lost Souls can be heard at

  2. ...with their own songs...?



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