Monday, 29 April 2013

Mini Whitby

I had resolved myself to the fact that I was not going to go to Whitby Goth Weekend this April, but on Monday I read on Facebook that Tia Greyhound Rescue were having a stall at the Bizaare Bazaar. So that did it I was going!  All be it, just for Saturday.
This of cause meant I had to first empty and clean inside my car. Regular readers will know I`m not over found of this car, but I must say over the journey there and back we have bonded somewhat.
Whitby 2013
 It`s surprizing how many people I met that I knew it`s nice to say hello especially to them who I only see at Whitby, like Danielle, who had made my “Blood and Bats” shirt. Danielle trades as Madame Dees Creations (Find her on Facebook ) A few other people had commented on my shirt I was pleased to inform Danielle.
At Whitby
A lot of shopping followed, then I put my feet up in my car for an hour before getting some more food and heading to The Resolution Hotel where Bad Pollyanna were due to play at 8:30. I say due to, because it was past that when they turned up and had to set up and sound check! Finally they started at a quarter to ten! I only stayed for the first three songs before very reluctantly leaving for a two hour drive home.
Tia`s Stall
So was it worth it? …………..YES, and I even had a case of “Post Whitby depression” today!
So,last weekend I had a choice; I could pay the Accountant or go to Whitby? The Accountant can wait.


  1. I didn't get there this time, glad you had fun though :)
    Is that Jared who does Darkland's hearse?

    1. Yes that`s Darklands Hopefully do full 5 days in Autumn

  2. I probably couldn't handle a full Whitby weekend, but I'm dying to have a day out at the October weekend this year. >.<

  3. Hope to do full 5 days in Autumn so might see you

  4. Accountants can always wait. I think you made the sensible decision. :o)


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