Monday, 1 April 2013

Some Vintage Things of Mine.

To join in on Victorian Kitty of Sophisticate Noir`s monthly themed compilation of posts, here are some pictures of some of my things that could be considered vintage and although they do not have any monetary value I treasure them dearly as most belonged to my parents or grandparents.

I hope you find these interesting.

Granddad at work sometime in the 1920`s
 I remember this photo been always on my Grandmothers dressing table. It is of my Granddad at work sometime in the 1920`s he was a Chauffeur and my Grandmother was a Cook at a big house, like, but smaller than, TV`s Downton Abbey.
Dad`s Pocket Watch
 My Fathers Pocket Watch, used when he was in the Police and a Bus Driver.
Liqueur Glasses
These Liqueur / Sherry Glasses were a wedding present to my Grand Parents, so about 1920ish. Sadly only 5 have survived the interim 90- 100 years. I sometimes have a Cointreau in one whilst I watch Downton Abbey.
Mum`s Cook Book
A 1959 Cook Book, of my mums which came with a Creda Cooker note how it is called “Housecraft Manual” and as well as recipes gives help on` laundry`, `Table Decorations` and `Taking a Pride in one`s Home`.

Now please check out Sophisticate Noir`s  lovely blog to find more vintage posts

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  1. Your family treasures are beautiful. Your grandfather looks like he's very proud of his chauffeur job. It must have been a boys dream to drive those exclusive cars at that time.

  2. Yay Alastair, you're doing a theme post!! :D

    I loved looking at all your vintage treasures - especially the photo of your grandad. That's so cool! And I bet there's some funny stuff in that Housecraft Manual!

    I have some small sherry glasses from my grandparents too, but I think I only have three left if I remember right. They're pretty tiny so I don't use them much. ;o)

    1. In 2013 the Cook Book does read quite sexist, telling the `housewife` she “will be working while the rest of the family are resting” and “A husband will require” etc. etc. It shows how some things have changed for the better!

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