Friday, 31 May 2013

The Three Johns, Leeds, 30 May 2013

Thursday`s a bit mid-week really for an Eldergoth to be going out, but I thought this finished at eleven so why not. Anyway tonight`s show was promoted by my old friend John F Keenan and I always like to support his events for old-time`s sake etc.

For those of you who may not know The Three Johns are an early Leeds Goth band formed in the early 1980`s. I`d seen them a few times back then the last time been about 1985 or so when the F Club was held at The Ffrode Greene, a pub that was known as the “Marque of the North”, due to its long time music connections and I mean long time back farther than even I go! In fact back to the 1930`s and its war-time dances.
 The Three Johns were supported by local cover band The Leeds 6 All Stars, and opening act Tom Hyatt, who did a very good job of warming up the crowd. On stage comments were made about the age of the crowd and yes most of us had past our half century, as had the headliners!
The Leeds 6 All Stars
So some 32 years on and it was pretty much business as usual with The Three Johns they are still as lively as ever and still as much fun,  you sometimes get the feeling that they are playing for themselves as much as for us and why not? The best known The Three Johns song is English White boy Engineer from back in the day and this got the biggest crowd reaction. All in all a good night and a trip down memory lane, it was also interesting to see people I recognised from the 80`s F Club.
The Three Johns
Earlier in the evening John had posted onto Facebook a “Flyer” of his from the 1981 “Fan Club X-mas Party”, which featured 5 bands from Leeds and asked “Was this the start of the Leeds Goth scene?”.  In my archives I have that Flyer. £2.00 to see the Sisters, and they weren`t headlining.

1981 Fan Club X-mas Party Flyer
At half past eleven the encores had just about finished and I left, arriving home just at midnight, I was driving and thus had had only one pint, I even was up at 6:30 for work okay.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Night at the Gasworks

That`s a Nightclub in Bradford, not a chemical factory. Although Bradford  more or less joins on to Leeds and the city centres are about the same distance from where I live I don`t often go into Bradford, I had a bad experience there many years ago and its put me off for life!  A friend and I had tickets for Siouxsie and the Banshees, for the Join Hands tour in 1979 that was when they split the first time and the gig was cancelled, we had arranged to be picked up at midnight by another mate so  we went for a pint before going to tell  the friend not to pick us up, but one pint turned into 3 or 4 anyway I remember we were running along a street singing Come on everybody when this Police van screeched to holt and 3 policemen jumped out and started questioning us. Now I was quite quiet but Garry started arguing and basely we nearly got arrested. As I said I don`t go to Bradford much.
Back to now. Three bands tonight Spekulus, Bad Pollyanna and headlining Zeitgeist Zero 
First up Spekulus a 3 piece singer, guitar and keyboards later joined by a guest basest for one song the singer had an unique voice that I really liked it went straight to your core, although I didn`t quite catch all the words I liked the sound, one to keep an eye on.
Bad Pollyanna
 Now for the one I`d been waiting for the fabulous Bad Pollyanna I`ve them before but not enough! I`ve seen a few hundred bands at all stages of their careers ! Bad Pollyanna are one that will go far ! They start with a short intro tape but from the moment Valerian hits the drum you know nothing else in the world matters you are in Pollyanna-world, their massive stage presence sucks you in and takes you to a far better place.

Bad Pollyanna
 If any of the band members were in any other band then they would be the person you were transfixed on for the show, but with four such musicians on the same stage you just don`t have enough eyes ! I love all their songs if I had to pick a favourite it would be Hollow or My Incubi but that may change. The set flu by in no time.
Zeitgeist Zero
 Time to revisit the bar before buying a Tee shirt and CD, then finding a seat, to come down to earth before Zeitgeist Zero took to the stage. Zeitgeist Zero are a fine tight professional band on any other night, on any other bill they are a worthy of the headline spot, but just like a Sticky Toffee Pudding is my favourite desert it cannot follow a good Steak and Ale Pie, you don`t want to forget the taste, and, for me Zeitgeist Zero cannot follow Bad Pollyanna. It was nearly eleven and this Eldergoth had been up since 6:30 and was beginning to flag time to head home, but what a great night. Now don`t upset the local constabulary.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

World Goth Day 2013

Happy World Goth Day
I was working today, but that`s not an excuse for not celebrating World Goth Day and putting more Goth into your day!
Been a gardener, there was no way I was going to wear my best cloths for work so I just wore my World Goth Day tee shirt, dark trousers and big safety boots, but that was it for me.
However my lawn mower sported a skull and World Goth Day emblem.

My lawn mower with skull and World Goth Day emblem.
  By chance when buying some plants for a client I came across an Aster called “Lady in Black” I HAD to get that for World Goth Day

Aster Lady in Black

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Left, Right or Centre, Game

Left, Right or Centre
 Is a game that we used to play quite a lot when camping. It could best be described as a Table Top dice Game, requiring little skill, and if you play with pennies (Or the lowest value coin of your country) “The most fun you can have for 3p (Or whatever)”

3 Dice – Each has
2 Faces marked R
2 Faces marked L
1 Face marked C and
1 Face is blank.

3 Coins each player –
As I said we use pennies so the amount is not worth thinking about when you loose ! But if you wanted to make it more of a gamble you can use higher value coins.

Any number of players.
It is best between 6 and 14, after that you can use 2 sets of the dice and start at two points around the table.

Players sit around a table, may need to be long if a lot are playing!

To Play –

- In turn each player throws the dice
- Coins are distributed as shown by the top face of the Dice
          i.e. L – coin to person on Left of player
                R - coin to person on Right of player
                C - coin to the “Kitty” on table
                Blank – Coin is retained by player.
- Number of dice thrown is dependent on the number of coins held by the player at time of the turn (Max 3 Dice)

N.B. It is quite possible for a player to lose all coins at the first throw and eventually win the game!

Game is over when the last coin in circulation is placed in the Kitty – that player being

Good Luck and don`t fall out.

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Tia Greyhound Rescue Show

On Sunday we went to The Tia Greyhound Rescue Show, which was held at Cannon Hall, there was a good section of stalls both for Tia and related trade for people to browse and buy from including the Cuddly Toy Tom bowler.

Cuddly Toy Tom bowler 
It was 5 tickets for a pound and Chris won 3 with her 5.
The 3 that Chris won 
 I bought for myself a Gothic Greyhound toy complete with cloak (Whom may have been left over from Whitby) At this point I will mention that there seemed to be a higher than average number of Goths / Alternatives there, now weather this was because of Tia`s resent outing to Whitby or because I posted the show on Goths With Dogs Facebook page or just coincidence I don`t know.

Gothic Greyhound toy complete with cloak
 There was a stall selling homemade buns (yummy) we bought 2 to go with the picnic lunch we had taken but then HAD to go back for more!

Homemade buns
 We also got some things for our kids and grandkids which I won`t show pictures of as I know they read this.
The Show 

At one `o` clock the show started it`s all fun and even had classes for “Matching Pair” and “Most Unlikely Pair” as well as “Best Biscuit Catcher”

A really good day out.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Holly Bank Farm

I post this copied from Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue`s site.

Ex Tia dogs at their “Forever home”
Holly Bank Farm

"It is perfect…the house has been burned to the ground.
It is perfect…’s on a main A road, a pig farm next door and the hunt dogs next door but one…
It is perfect….it’s derelict…
It is perfect…
We need £300,000 to buy it…now, not next month or next year, now.
I am asking anyone to lend me the money. We can then buy it and auction Moorside. Moorside with our land is worth £700,000.
It will only be a short term loan….six months tops….
I can feel a caravan coming on….Deb......

As Deb said, this place is perfect for Tia. It's a stones throw from the A1 .... so very accessible. Buying this would mean we could have kennelling for 200 dogs ... that's 100% more dogs lives saved than now...we could work with disadvantaged kids to show them the benefits of volunteering and instill in them a love of these beautiful creatures. We could offer a retirement home for unwanted heavy horses...the gentle giants who deserve a peaceful and stress free retirement where they will want for nothing. If these things matter to you and you are able to help...please do. We already have an offer of a £25,000 loan so we're well on the way....Thanks...Jo

And here`s a picture of Henry to show why this is important. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The floorshow

I see the final floorshow I see the western dream

This is the floorshow, the last ideal
It's populist got mass appeal

Possibly my shortest ever post.

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