Friday, 10 May 2013

Holly Bank Farm

I post this copied from Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue`s site.

Ex Tia dogs at their “Forever home”
Holly Bank Farm

"It is perfect…the house has been burned to the ground.
It is perfect…’s on a main A road, a pig farm next door and the hunt dogs next door but one…
It is perfect….it’s derelict…
It is perfect…
We need £300,000 to buy it…now, not next month or next year, now.
I am asking anyone to lend me the money. We can then buy it and auction Moorside. Moorside with our land is worth £700,000.
It will only be a short term loan….six months tops….
I can feel a caravan coming on….Deb......

As Deb said, this place is perfect for Tia. It's a stones throw from the A1 .... so very accessible. Buying this would mean we could have kennelling for 200 dogs ... that's 100% more dogs lives saved than now...we could work with disadvantaged kids to show them the benefits of volunteering and instill in them a love of these beautiful creatures. We could offer a retirement home for unwanted heavy horses...the gentle giants who deserve a peaceful and stress free retirement where they will want for nothing. If these things matter to you and you are able to help...please do. We already have an offer of a £25,000 loan so we're well on the way....Thanks...Jo

And here`s a picture of Henry to show why this is important. 

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