Sunday, 19 May 2013

Left, Right or Centre, Game

Left, Right or Centre
 Is a game that we used to play quite a lot when camping. It could best be described as a Table Top dice Game, requiring little skill, and if you play with pennies (Or the lowest value coin of your country) “The most fun you can have for 3p (Or whatever)”

3 Dice – Each has
2 Faces marked R
2 Faces marked L
1 Face marked C and
1 Face is blank.

3 Coins each player –
As I said we use pennies so the amount is not worth thinking about when you loose ! But if you wanted to make it more of a gamble you can use higher value coins.

Any number of players.
It is best between 6 and 14, after that you can use 2 sets of the dice and start at two points around the table.

Players sit around a table, may need to be long if a lot are playing!

To Play –

- In turn each player throws the dice
- Coins are distributed as shown by the top face of the Dice
          i.e. L – coin to person on Left of player
                R - coin to person on Right of player
                C - coin to the “Kitty” on table
                Blank – Coin is retained by player.
- Number of dice thrown is dependent on the number of coins held by the player at time of the turn (Max 3 Dice)

N.B. It is quite possible for a player to lose all coins at the first throw and eventually win the game!

Game is over when the last coin in circulation is placed in the Kitty – that player being

Good Luck and don`t fall out.

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