Friday, 31 May 2013

The Three Johns, Leeds, 30 May 2013

Thursday`s a bit mid-week really for an Eldergoth to be going out, but I thought this finished at eleven so why not. Anyway tonight`s show was promoted by my old friend John F Keenan and I always like to support his events for old-time`s sake etc.

For those of you who may not know The Three Johns are an early Leeds Goth band formed in the early 1980`s. I`d seen them a few times back then the last time been about 1985 or so when the F Club was held at The Ffrode Greene, a pub that was known as the “Marque of the North”, due to its long time music connections and I mean long time back farther than even I go! In fact back to the 1930`s and its war-time dances.
 The Three Johns were supported by local cover band The Leeds 6 All Stars, and opening act Tom Hyatt, who did a very good job of warming up the crowd. On stage comments were made about the age of the crowd and yes most of us had past our half century, as had the headliners!
The Leeds 6 All Stars
So some 32 years on and it was pretty much business as usual with The Three Johns they are still as lively as ever and still as much fun,  you sometimes get the feeling that they are playing for themselves as much as for us and why not? The best known The Three Johns song is English White boy Engineer from back in the day and this got the biggest crowd reaction. All in all a good night and a trip down memory lane, it was also interesting to see people I recognised from the 80`s F Club.
The Three Johns
Earlier in the evening John had posted onto Facebook a “Flyer” of his from the 1981 “Fan Club X-mas Party”, which featured 5 bands from Leeds and asked “Was this the start of the Leeds Goth scene?”.  In my archives I have that Flyer. £2.00 to see the Sisters, and they weren`t headlining.

1981 Fan Club X-mas Party Flyer
At half past eleven the encores had just about finished and I left, arriving home just at midnight, I was driving and thus had had only one pint, I even was up at 6:30 for work okay.


  1. It's kind of nice when you can go to a club and not feel like the oldest person there! It sounds like great fun, although even with only one pint I'm not sure I could have made it up at 6:30 a.m. and gone to work. :o)

    1. Our generation invented Punk and Goth, so it`s only right for us to still go to that type of club. It`s not the getting up it`s the drink and drive bit that keeps my intake low when in the car. I`m out again tonight. (Saturday)

  2. That sounded like a really good evening. :) I keep forgetting that the bands one goes to listen at a local bar can some day become widely known, even stars. Your post made me want to go to gigs more, so thank you! It made me remember how nice it is to find a new band to listen to.

    1. Jade, Back in 1980? A new unknown band played at the Fan Club to only 12 or so people they were called………....... U2. I was there

    2. OMG, Alastair - that's awesome! How'd they sound back then?

    3. Not to good actually, I remember a lot of the bands used the local sound company, and it often malfunctioned that night it did again, and while the sound men were working on fixing it Bono spoke without mic to us, he told us where they were from and this was their first time in England. The promoter (John Keenan) said one day they would fill stadiums, mind you he did say that a lot! I bought the first single at the gig 11`o` clock Tick Tock
      When I get a bit of time I will blog a list of the bands I saw in them far off days, Some made it, some did not.



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