Monday, 13 May 2013

The Tia Greyhound Rescue Show

On Sunday we went to The Tia Greyhound Rescue Show, which was held at Cannon Hall, there was a good section of stalls both for Tia and related trade for people to browse and buy from including the Cuddly Toy Tom bowler.

Cuddly Toy Tom bowler 
It was 5 tickets for a pound and Chris won 3 with her 5.
The 3 that Chris won 
 I bought for myself a Gothic Greyhound toy complete with cloak (Whom may have been left over from Whitby) At this point I will mention that there seemed to be a higher than average number of Goths / Alternatives there, now weather this was because of Tia`s resent outing to Whitby or because I posted the show on Goths With Dogs Facebook page or just coincidence I don`t know.

Gothic Greyhound toy complete with cloak
 There was a stall selling homemade buns (yummy) we bought 2 to go with the picnic lunch we had taken but then HAD to go back for more!

Homemade buns
 We also got some things for our kids and grandkids which I won`t show pictures of as I know they read this.
The Show 

At one `o` clock the show started it`s all fun and even had classes for “Matching Pair” and “Most Unlikely Pair” as well as “Best Biscuit Catcher”

A really good day out.


  1. Looks like a nice day out with the dogs. Lucky Chris, winning three! :o)

    1. Even a bit of rain could not spoil it, going to have the last bun tonight.


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