Sunday, 23 June 2013

It Was A Long Day.

Despite it been Saturday I started the day with 4 hours` work, finishing off a One off clearance job.
Job Done!
 I managed to have an easy afternoon and long bath before getting ready for my night out at Flock.

The Marching Men
 The live entertainment was from the Sisters of Mercy tribute band, The Marching Men.  I saw them a few months ago and not surprisingly really enjoyed their set. Now as often I was one of the oldest in the club, this when watching a tribute band has several advantages. Firstly I remember the Sisters when they still played smaller venues similar to this, secondly my memory isn`t that good so I can easily forget that it is a tribute band I am watching, and I am allowed to think that I enjoyed the set better than I did when I last saw the real thing ! The possible highlight been their cover of The Sisters cover of Bob Dylan’s Knockin' on Heaven's Door. I loved it! But there again I also loved; Emma, Logic and Valentine, not to forget Alice and Reptile House. Oh and Body Electric. I give in it was ALL GREAT!

The Marching Men
Kick in the Eye club night followed afterwards and we were treated to an interesting mix of 80`s music loosely Goth in nature, but with a quite a bit of leeway. 

Kick in the Eye (Pic not mine, pinched from their Facebook site)
As usual because of my 6:30 start, by midnight I was beginning to flag and I called it a day and reluctantly made my way home already looking forward to the time.

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