Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Old Gigs in the 80s

Today in 1980 Echo and the Bunnymen played Leeds for the first time,
and only £1.25 for members.

I was there


  1. I just love old posters like this!!! Home made, hand drawn and easy printed :)
    We used to make fanzines with clipping out nice fonts and black and white photos and using a typewriter in the music club I belonged to in the beginning of the 90's.

    1. As Promoter John F Keenan said he didn`t have computers or photo copiers in those days. He did them by hand in my lunch hour and then had them duplicated. Good old days them!


I`m been stalked by a Skip company.

5 emails and 2 ‘phone calls in the last 24 hours! From a Skip company. When does this officially become stalking?