Friday, 7 June 2013

Red and Black week Blood and Bats shirt

So sorry I didn`t get to make a full length post for Sophistique Noir`s Red and Black week, but here is my Blood and Bats shirt lovingly made by Madam Dee.
The story goes that Madam Dee posted on Facebook a picture of the martial and said she was looking forward to making Pencil Skirts with it. I commented “Never mind the ladies I would love a shirt made from it” a few emails later and I was the proud owner of said shirt. I was Madam Dee`s first Male customer, I often wear it at clubs and any special occasion.
You can find more of Madam Dee`s Creations work here


  1. How cool is that! Perfect for Red & Black Week, indeed. :) I'm sure she enjoyed the challenge of making her first piece of male clothing, and it looks great on you. I'm looking forward to checking out her work!

  2. It does look great on you, Alastair - you totally suit Red & Black! Probably looks awesome with a top hat, too! :o)

  3. It looks really nice on you. One could imagine that the bold pattern would look weird on a shirt, but it looks great. :)

    1. Thank you. I often wear it with my long Dress Coat and sometimes Top Hat, As Here picture taken at Whitby Goth Weekend.


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