Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Visiting my Grandson in June

Just back from a great weekend down with my Grandson, His Mama and Dad had arranged a full program of events for us…………..
Me and Luka
This stated with a shopping trip to Reading on Friday.

Reading Town Hall
Saturday Morning we went to the local Play Park.
Luka swinging legs with Grandma and Granddad
Then after lunch to Jungle Mania which is an indoor adventure play centre for children (and Granddads)
At Jungle Mania
We then had a lovely meal at The Three Frogs pub.(No pics.)
Me in the Tropical Rain Forest
Sunday we had a trip to The Tropical Rain Forest
Crocodile in the Tropical Rain Forest


  1. It must be lovely to have a grandson to play with. Lots of people says that grandchildren are lot more fun than having their own. You can spoil them, without dealing with the result of it and you can do all the fun. I'll have to wait and see. :)

    1. I really look forward to seeing Luka, he lives 5 hours away, Callum and Amy are only ½ hour away so I can see them more often.

  2. I'm not a 100% positive, but it looks like grandpa is having way more fun on the Jungle Mania slide than Luka is! LOL

    1. Erhhhh...yes I think I was, he preferred the ball pool really



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