Friday, 12 July 2013

Replica Steampunk Guns

After taking Richard my friend, who we go camping with and who is a retired plumber to Whitby Goth Weekend last year. He decided to make some Steampunk type Guns. Here are the results

Me with one

Me with another one

Me with both

Me flanked by Richard and his wife Marion, trying to do a Charlie`s Angels pose

Don`t ask with what all this Steampunk is about! I`m not really sure


  1. The guns are awesome and so is the trailer. I've become a lot more interested in trailer interiors lately. LOL

    You should tell Richard to Steampunk the trailer - that would be something! :o)

    1. Yes a Steampunk trailer or caravan, that`s a good idea. I Keep mine quite Gothic especially for Whitby.

    2. That sounds lovely, Alastair!

      I debated about Goth-ing up our trailer, but I think I'm going to go for Bohemian instead. Since the cottage is going to be quite dark, maybe I should embrace a bit of colour in my life first.

      I can't believe I just said that. ;o)

    3. Actually I quite like Bohemian, been the son of a Flower Power girl etc.

  2. Haha, looking great, all of you!
    Nice to see WGW being inspirational, with pretty good results.


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