Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I`ll be Next

No not me, but here`s a twist on the now old joke about the Old aunty, who at family weddings digs a youngster and says “You be next ha-ha” and he gets his own back at a family funeral when he digs her and he says to her “You be next ha-ha”
Pic from Wiccan and Pagan Community FB page
On some Monday mornings I do two gardens next to each other, both old people and it can be quite depressing at the best of times, but a fortnight ago a client came out of her house and immediately told me that her husband had died on Friday!

Later I was talking to her niece and asked to be notified of the funeral arrangements, however this Monday I was told that the funeral had been and only three people were there. The old lady was upset that not even her neighbour had attended.

This was quite understandable as he can hardly stand, let alone walk!
This is when she said “It won`t be long I`ll be next I`ll soon join him” (Her husband) Later her neighbour told me the first thing he knew about the funeral was when he saw them leaving the house, and HE said to me “I`ll be next on here” (His street)

I don`t like Mondays
I need to go to a wedding!

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Tarn Beer Festival 2013

Three Days, Three Bands and Four Beers

Last weekend my `local` The Tarn held its annual Beer Festival. Although I had other commitments for the weekend I did manage to spend some time there. With about a dozen real ales` on offer and 14 bands playing over the weekend I would have liked to have been there all three days but~

The Tarn Beer Festival 2013. Pic from the Tarn FB page
On Friday my wife and I made it for the opening band 1.30am who were playing the first real gig, their words, they were quite no very young but played a good set made up of covers and some of their own songs. I think they had brought half their class with them as they had good support. Well done lads, keep it up. We enjoyed Theakston Grouse, a fruity light beer just right for an afternoon in the sun.

Saturday night I just missed Johnny C and the Blues Assassins who were the last band to play outside, but did manage to catch the last band of the day inside, Motus who played covers from The Who, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, and ZZ Top etc. It was really hot inside and I didn`t stay in long,
I had two pints of beer, but cannot remember the names one was quite sweet and light, the second was darker and more bitter.

Mike Raffone (and Band)
Sunday saw my final return again for the last outside band of the event, Mike Raffone, who was a rockabilly band complete with double bass, which I love. When I choose the nights drink I just saw the words `Dark Stout` on the tap, but after I had ordered it I saw the additional words `Hot Chilli, Dark Chocolate` and at first taste I nearly spit it out! The first thing you taste is the chocolate, a very strong, bitter dark chocolate at that! Then when you swallow you get the hot chilli~ quite a kick, finally you get the taste of a good stout. I think there was a taste too many in there! By the end of the pint I had “Got used” to it, but I didn`t want anything else to follow.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

From Augustinian Abbey to Bad Pollyanna

As this was the first Saturday in the month, it was my night out at Flock, and with my favourite new group ~ Bad Pollyanna headlining, there was no way I was going to miss it even though we also wanted to go with our camping group to Bolton Abbey for the weekend..

Bolton Abbey
So on Friday we did go to Bolton Abbey set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales on the banks of the River Wharfe. With just under 30,000 acres of beautiful countryside. A monastery was originally founded in 1120. Bolton Abbey was technically a priory, despite its name. It was founded in 1154 by the Augustinian order. We were camping in an overflow car park, at the top of the main car park there is the local Post Office and gift shop which is very expensive around the corner in the small village is a bakery we decided to buy two scones to have after tea. They cost us £1.10 each Chris said she could make a hundred for that, I wish she had, as her are better!

Saturday we had a trip in to Skipton and did a bit of shopping before having lunch at a small café type place, it was very good for the price charged. Saturday afternoon I had a rest before heading home for a quick change to go out to Flock.

Dawn Of Elysium
The first band on were Dawn Of Elysium from Bradford and they did an excitant job of warm-up for the incredible, fantastic Bad Pollyanna. Yes regular readers of this blog know I simply love them.
See why, here. this is their new video for Hollow one of my favourite songs.

Bad Pollyanna
As soon as the gig finished I left the club, not stopping for the records and headed home in my car to take Chris`s car back to Bolton Abbey to try to get there before the gates are locked at 11 `O` clock. I just got there at 10.59. Had a cup of tea at Richard and Marion`s and then to bed!

Valerian Adore  Pic from Crossgates Photo Club

Stephen Kilpatrick Guitar, Nikki Kontinen Bass far. Pic from Crossgates Photo Club
Sunday morning, coffee morning before packing up and heading for home. Quite a mixed weekend all in all.


Got my appointment for a Gastroscopy at LGI Friday 4.00pm Chris is away, so cannot have a general. Can`t eat/drink from 8.00 am. Ha...