Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I`ll be Next

No not me, but here`s a twist on the now old joke about the Old aunty, who at family weddings digs a youngster and says “You be next ha-ha” and he gets his own back at a family funeral when he digs her and he says to her “You be next ha-ha”
Pic from Wiccan and Pagan Community FB page
On some Monday mornings I do two gardens next to each other, both old people and it can be quite depressing at the best of times, but a fortnight ago a client came out of her house and immediately told me that her husband had died on Friday!

Later I was talking to her niece and asked to be notified of the funeral arrangements, however this Monday I was told that the funeral had been and only three people were there. The old lady was upset that not even her neighbour had attended.

This was quite understandable as he can hardly stand, let alone walk!
This is when she said “It won`t be long I`ll be next I`ll soon join him” (Her husband) Later her neighbour told me the first thing he knew about the funeral was when he saw them leaving the house, and HE said to me “I`ll be next on here” (His street)

I don`t like Mondays
I need to go to a wedding!


  1. That's awful! Not only that only three people showed up, but that a person would even kid around that they'd be next! Unless, of course, they're quite anxious to leave this earth and then I guess it's an okay thing to say. But still. :o)

    I wonder why she never got hold of you to tell you about the funeral? Then at least there'd have been four...

    1. Both Sid (The neighbour) and Mrs. G have said to me before “That they have had enough” Sid`s wife is in a home and he had his driving licence taken off him after a small crash, he can hardly walk and his memory is going. Mrs G and her late husband have not left their house even to put the washing out for about 3 years now. Her niece does the shopping etc. for her, so yes things are not good, hence I often come away depressed.

    2. Getting older really sucks. That's why we have to make use of these years now to have as much fun as possible before we get to the point where "we've had enough". I'm not looking forward to that.

  2. That is a really sad situation. There had clearly been some disconnections with communication, and as you said, the neighbor could hardly walk. :( But I do understand why the wife of the departed was upset, she was in the middle of grief. Still, I can imagine how energy-consuming it can be for you, to hear all those things. I hope you get to a wedding or some other fun place soon!

    1. Thanks Jade, I only have 4 Old old clients. Most of my clients are quite cool and ~I do enjoy my work most of the time.


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