Monday, 12 August 2013

The Tarn Beer Festival 2013

Three Days, Three Bands and Four Beers

Last weekend my `local` The Tarn held its annual Beer Festival. Although I had other commitments for the weekend I did manage to spend some time there. With about a dozen real ales` on offer and 14 bands playing over the weekend I would have liked to have been there all three days but~

The Tarn Beer Festival 2013. Pic from the Tarn FB page
On Friday my wife and I made it for the opening band 1.30am who were playing the first real gig, their words, they were quite no very young but played a good set made up of covers and some of their own songs. I think they had brought half their class with them as they had good support. Well done lads, keep it up. We enjoyed Theakston Grouse, a fruity light beer just right for an afternoon in the sun.

Saturday night I just missed Johnny C and the Blues Assassins who were the last band to play outside, but did manage to catch the last band of the day inside, Motus who played covers from The Who, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, and ZZ Top etc. It was really hot inside and I didn`t stay in long,
I had two pints of beer, but cannot remember the names one was quite sweet and light, the second was darker and more bitter.

Mike Raffone (and Band)
Sunday saw my final return again for the last outside band of the event, Mike Raffone, who was a rockabilly band complete with double bass, which I love. When I choose the nights drink I just saw the words `Dark Stout` on the tap, but after I had ordered it I saw the additional words `Hot Chilli, Dark Chocolate` and at first taste I nearly spit it out! The first thing you taste is the chocolate, a very strong, bitter dark chocolate at that! Then when you swallow you get the hot chilli~ quite a kick, finally you get the taste of a good stout. I think there was a taste too many in there! By the end of the pint I had “Got used” to it, but I didn`t want anything else to follow.


  1. It's nice with local festivals. We will attend ours this weekend.
    I have tasted a chocolate dark ale(not with chili) it is really good, but not the whole bottle. What kind of bear do you prefer?

    1. I think that my favourite beer from a medium sized brewery is either Hobgoblin, from down south, or Black Sheep from Masham, in the Yorkshire Dales. And from a small brewery sometimes at The Tarn they have one which I think was called “Midnight Chocolate Stout” which was very nice.



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