Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Kast off Kinks at The Brudenell Club Leeds

Kast off Kinks Poster
On Friday night a lifelong wait ended when I finally got to the Kinks, well most of them. The Kast off Kinks are in essence the Kinks without the Davies Brothers although at times Ray as made guest appearances. So this was something of a dream came true and to put the icing on the cake Chris, my wife came with me.
The Kast off Kinks are founder member Mick Avory, Drums, John Dalton, Bass, vocals, Ian Gibbone, Keyboards, vocals and Dave Clarke, Lead Guitar, Lead vocals.
The Kinks ARE one of the most important and influential rock bands of all time. From their first record, You Really Got Me, (1964) with its driving power chords and Dave Davies’ distorted guitar sounds, broke new ground and created a sound that developed into heavy metal, new wave and grunge.  Of the many other Kinks songs that followed if I had to pick just 5, I would say Lola was the first Gay/ transsexual anthem, Louie Louie covered by Motorhead and loved by all Heavy Metal fans, David Watts, about an Army Major,  See My Friends, which if not the music the words could possibly have been the start of the dark side of Rock. Victoria, about the rise and fall of the British Empire and no doubt loved 40+ years later by Steampunks everywhere! Days, one I`d like at my funeral. Yes I know I can`t count but it proves just how important the Kinks are! And how much I love them and have done for 48 years! I always say that I was weaned on Farley’s rusks and The Kinks!

The Kast off Kinks at The Brudenell Club Leeds 6/9/13
 Anyway back to the gig the band played 2 sets each about 40-45 minutes full of classic hits and of cause played with love, intent and shear professional style. Opening with You Really Got Me and ending the first part with Lola, to say they had the crowd in their hands is an understatement. Half an hour later they were back and they really rocked the place, we sang we waved our arms and yes by the end even I danced. That’s how good they were.

An early single cover, pic from Google
They have a website check it out  and see why I love the Kinks and have done all though my life long musical journey.

Thanks to John Keenan for bringing them to Leeds


  1. That's amazing, App'y! Although I really only know the Kinks by what was popular on the radio when I was young (You Really Got Me, Lola, and Louie Louie), I'd love to see them just to hear those three songs! You're a lucky guy. :o)

    P.S. And you DANCED! :D

    1. Yes from when I was 5 and my mother played their first 7inch vinyl single (Which my dad hated) to when the Kinks were due to play Bradford in 1983ish I`ve wanted to see them live.



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