Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weekend at Wetherby Racecourse

Although I would have rather been at home this weekend and gone to see tribute band The Sisters of Murphy the boss wanted to go caravanning so it was off to Wetherby Racecourse. As we neared Wetherby the heavens opened, fortunately it stopped long enough for us to site the `van then it rained all day and all of Friday night.
Camping at the Racecourse
Saturday we awoke to bright sunshine and Chris decided we`d walk into Wetherby. The path is on the course of the old abandoned railway line and is nice and flat. All along the sides the hedgerows were full of wild fruit and berry trees.

The walk into town
The first shop we went in in Wetherby was a charity shop and just inside hung up was a lovely full length black coat for only £6.99, I tried it on and it fit I had to have it. It was Pure New Wool and from Marks and Spencer a really good shop in the UK. When new it must have been about £150.

Blue plaque on The Brunswick
We had lunch in the Brunswick Pub which to be honest wasn`t all that good! The building dated back to1824. Wetherby is a crossing point of the River Wharf and used to be on the old A1 before it was thankfully bypassed with the motorway. “The Great North Road” as it was called, was the London to Edinburgh road, in fact the route traces back to Roman times.

Steampunk wallpaper?
In another shop window we saw the most fabulous “Steampunk” wallpaper! It had Airships on, we asked! How much?” and was told £130 for a 2 roll set. I`ll pass on that, thank you!

My New Coat
In the afternoon we sat in the sun and I modelled by new coat to the other campers.
The weather forecast for Sunday was very windy so everyone packed up early and left. It is not fun towing in winds!


  1. We just packed up the trailer this weekend - I think even though it was beautiful weather, this is probably going to be the last of it for this year!

    £130 for two rolls - yikes! Good score on the wool coat, though. We had a Marks and Spencer here for a while, but it eventually closed down. Shame, because it was  really good quality and besides, they had all those lovely English Cookies. ;o)

    1. You can get lots of really nice food at M&S we have a store quite near to us



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