Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bad Pollyanna + Alice Moving Under Skies + Wrapped in Plastic at Carpe Noctum, Bradford

I had been looking forward to this one for a long time! So I planned todays work to start later, giving me a lie-in. The bus came on time and I even found my way to club with no problems. The bar is very reasonably priced and because I was not driving I dived straight in to the Newcastle Brown Ale!
Wrapped in Plastic at Carpe Noctum, Bradford 22/11/13
The first band; Wrapped in Plastic where billed as “a little more (industrial-) metal than our usual bands” but that should by fine! However, let`s say I liked their Drum machine/ backing tape, and the bass guitarist made good sounds. The lead guitarist seemed to be content in a world of their own, but I didn`t quite manage to catch two words the vocalist sang! Now speaking of things I missed, you can call me old school, old fashioned or even just old, but when I go to “see” a band I do like to actually see them! don`t get me wrong a bit of back-lightings fine, I love smoke/fog but I had to go to the front of the dance floor (Which was completely empty) and use a flash to get any sort of photo! It`s no secret that I`ve seen literary hundreds of live bands in my time, tonight was a first, I have never seen an ending to a set like it before………… They just seemed to wonder off in the semi darkness and go home leaving the backing tape playing to us. Eventually someone turned it off and the DJ put a record on! Everybody turned around, and looked at each other till someone (Me) said Arrh is that it?
Alice Moving Under Skies at Carpe Noctum, Bradford 22/11/13
Alice Moving Under Skies are in an altogether different league, a little bit more on the electronic side. With clear and clean cut male and female vocals over, but not fighting with exciting guitar and bass lines helped with a drum machine. Half way though we were treated to a bit of magic with sword swallowing and a very long piece of tape came magically out of the bass players` mouth. A very good set.
Bad Pollyanna at Carpe Noctum, Bradford 22/11/13
I would not have thought it possible, but Bad Pollyanna just keep getting better, I always loved them, I always thought that they are brilliant, but goodness they have just gone up another notch! With a reworked set now opening with “Awake Now” and pounding though a fantastic set that seemed all to short but in fact lasted nearly an hour and half! I can only say that my favourites are from the CD that I already have, because as soon as I hear new songs I love them as well. But here goes not in any order, Hollow, the last single, Monstrous Child, Liquid Lover, The Living Dead, and about half way in a short pause for an introduction to their new single Epilogue (Invincible Girl) dedicated to Sophie Lancaster with all proceeds going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Rounding off with My Incubi and an encore of Personal Jesus.
Valerian Adore, The Greatest Drummer in the world
I always used to like to buy merchandise from gigs and so I purchased their new CD, but better than that Olivia offered to sign it and asked me to wait so all the band could, I also had a short chat with most of the band members, so a big Thank You to Olivia, Nikki, Stephen and Valerian.  
So move over Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace. There are new Rock Gods and Demons in town.


  1. I envy your ability to see good bands. The music life in my town really sucks, we have world famous artists from this area but seeing a gig with music that aren't metal or hillbilly is impossible.

    1. I am lucky that in Leeds and adjoining city Bradford there are quite a few venues that cater for the smaller bands, and of cause with Leeds been the home of the Sisters there is a strong demand for Goth music here.

  2. What I find unbelievable is the insistence by so many that music just isn't as good as it once was. I am constantly the brunt of jokes (not from the Goth crowd) because of my love for metal. The joke is really on the critics and the skeptics however, because their closed mindedness is causing them to miss out on some absolutely wonderful music and great live performances. I'm glad that you're able to get out and enjoy what's out there.

    1. If people are prepared to go down town or look on Facebook etc. to find bands that are not TV “Manufactured” then real bands can be found, these are the bands that will stand the test of time. I strongly believe the old way of “Paying your dues” and working the pubs and clubs is the best grounding for any band. I make no apologies for saying how much I love Bad Pollyanna and it`s not just for their music, they really appreciate and connect with their fans. If there is any justice left in the world one day they will be massive!

  3. Greatest drummer in the world? I wouldn't say so by all means but, wow! Thank you!

    1. Unlike beauty, greatness is not in the eye of the beholder, but is marked by ones actions, that not to say you’re not beautiful as well.


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