Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Skipton November 2013

Mundane By Day and Well Mundane By Night As Well

Our camping (caravanning) trips for 2013 came to an end at the weekend with as always a stay at Skipton Cattle Market. I really like the town of Skipton; typical of many Dales towns it has a market on five days a week and many independent shops  with just a few of the chain stores.

Friday was the usual round of meeting and greeting folk we had not seen for a while and then we had a quick look around the shops in the Cattle Market, which as you`d expect are quite agricultural in nature, then had a quite night in the `van

Pictures not mine, found on Google From The Source
On Saturday we went into town and we found a new shop, “From The Source” Which is an independent family business importing and selling a unique range of fair trade and ethical fashion and accessories, both at the shop and online. In an age of fast fashion, throwaway products and faceless high street shops, they aim to connect their customers with the people that make the products they sell, and promote trade that can help make the world a better place. We purchased some presents and I found a lovely shirt, which Chris said she`d buy me for Christmas.
Link to their website http://www.fromthesource.co.uk/fair-trade/about-us.html

Pictures not mine, found on Google
In the market there was a sandwich van with an outside covered eating area where we had lunch in the form of a Hog Roast Sandwich. I had all the trimmings, Chris just had apple sauce on hers!

Pictures not mine, found on Google
Now as much as I do love Skipton and shops and things do keep changing there, this was the third time this year we had been and apart from the splendid Wensleydale Cheese stall there is only so much you can keep buying, mind you having said that I did manage spend about half a week`s earnings !

Saturday night we went in to a hall for a party/ get-together, I don`t want to sound bitchy, but there had been NO planning put into this and it was a really boring event. I would however like to thank the friend sat around us for saving the night as we made our own fun. Thank you all. There was bingo (Think I`ll go to the toilet), a rather dull raffle (Think I`ll go to the toilet again and read the Cows for sale adds) and a long, rambling music type quiz (Pass me that rope, I lost the will to live!)
Then Betty one of the eldest amongst us told her informus “Worm” joke! Tonight was the 14th anniversary of the first time I`d heard it and every time it`s different. I will put it on here someday, but not today!
Sunday morning we had lunch and went home.


  1. I like businesses with a set of morals like The Source. I can't even shop at the malls anymore. It's the same old garbage and you know it's only going to last through a couple of washings before it falls apart. You'll post a picture of your shirt after Xmas, I hope?

    Too bad you had to spend so much time in the loo on your last caravan meetup of the year. And BTW, I can't believe you were still camping right up until last weekend! :o)

    1. It should have said and I will alter it “NO planning had gone in” I was fed up! Anyway on Friday I am going to see a favourite band in town. It`s starting to show here tonight, but it won`t last….. So they say

  2. Looking forward to hear that worm joke.


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