Friday, 13 December 2013

Another Week in Diary Form

Monday morning: knees killing me (See my last blog, Quite a weekend, for reason)
Work…… leafs, leafs and more leafs.

leafs, leafs and leafs
Tuesday: knees feeling a bit better, but still got Saturday night in my head, which does make work more bearable. However cutting a long hard Hawthorne hedge whilst singing “Should I Stay, Or Should I Go” (The Clash) Doesn’t help to get it straight though

Wednesday night a 5 band gig in town, Ashestoangels + Dead + Bad Pollyanna + Chasing Dragons + Pscyhobabylon. The venue was sold out a comment that was made by the singer of Ashestoangels, but as I said a bit too loud “NO IT`S BAD POLLYANNA WHY IT`S SOLD OUT!!!” Anyway as regular readers may have guessed in my opinion the best band there was Bad Pollyanna by a long way. Normally in the UK the lower age limit is 18 in pubs or even 21 in some clubs, but tonight it was only 16, this been because the average age of Ashestoangels fans is 15 so the bar staff where checking IDs before serving alcohol to the younger looking ones. That, of cause did affect me.

Ashestoangels & fans Pic pinched from Andrew Nash
However in-between the last 2 bands a friend and I were talking to Olivia the singer in Bad Pollyanna who was quite upset that she HAD been asked for ID at the bar and because she was in her stage cloths had none with her, she was refused alcohol! Been ever the chivalrous gentleman I went and bought her a drink. Later I received a hug so it was well worth it.

Olivia with drink. Pic from Jack Howard
Thursday started with a long motorway drive to Scunthorpe for a funeral of an honorary aunt, Googles directions were right till we left the motorway and it said “Go through 2 roundabouts” it should have said take 2rd exit! as a result of which we only just made it on time! It was one of those funerals with only 8 mourners there.

Honorary Aunt, Veronica
After that we drove up to York for lunch and then to The Haunted House, 35 Stonegate where there was a Night Yule Market. More at WWW.HAUNTEDHOUSEYORK.CO.UK

Night Yule Market, York Poster
Finally back home for a rest. The weekend starts on Saturday.


  1. Oooh, I like the colour of Olivia's hair! :o)

    I was just talking to the guy who does my taxidermy for my shop who's over in the UK and he mentioned his honorary aunt had died this week, too. I wonder if it was the same woman? And what is an honorary aunt, exactly? I've never heard that expression before ... :o)

    1. An Honorary aunt is usually a friend of the family who is older than you and so as a mark of respect you would not address them by just their first name alone. I don`t think youngsters will use it now as much.


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