Sunday, 1 December 2013

Brookside Nurseries 1904-2013

Ross and Linda`s Retirement Party 30/11/2013

On Saturday night the wife and I attended the retirement party of my ex bosses Linda and Ross Burkes whom had owned and run Brookside Nurseries (That`s a Garden centre to some) from when Linda`s dad died in the 1960`s till now

Ross and Linda`s Retirement Party 30/11/2013
The party was held in the Nursery which made quite an interesting venue.There had been a Nursery on the site in various guises for over a hundred years starting with a Greengrocer who grew the vegetables he sold in his shop.

Me talking to a friend
I had worked there for three and a half years 1998 to 2002 before starting my own Gardening business

Ross and Linda`s Retirement Party 30/11/2013
As at these type of events there was food, a bar and a band. Speeches were made and a lump came to many a throat.

L to R Ross, someone giving a presentation, and Linda
I wish Linda and Ross “A long and happy retirement” they were good people to work for.


  1. So what will happen with the nursery now, Alastair? Is somebody else taking it over or is it going to be shut down?

    1. Yes it has been sold to somebody, whom I have had dealings with and I will not be using Brookside again

    2. Oh dear, that's a shame. I mean that you have to find a new nursery now. :P

    3. It`s not really a problem there are quite a few places closer to where I live, but I shall miss Ross and Linda


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