Monday, 9 December 2013

Quite A Weekend

In fact you could say a weekend and a half !
Thursday the whole of the UK was hit by strong winds and rain, like a fool I went to work but only stopped for 2 hours. Later when I took some rubbish out to the bin I found that the back window of my car had been smashed I think something must have hit it in the gales. So ringing my insurance company and no one could come till Friday morning.
Pic from Whitby Holiday Cottages
Then the postman came and we had a letter telling us that a horary Aunty had died and the funeral is on next Thursday but 60 mile away in a town called Scunthorpe. Later in the day we saw the floods down the East coast caused by a combination of the wind, rain and a spring tide  

Pic from Whitby Holiday Cottages
Friday I had an eye test and need new reading glasses, at night Chris came out with me to see Rhombus and The Last Cry. Two of my favourite bands of the moment. Supported by Jordan Reyne It was really great to have my wife with me at a club.

Pic from Rhombus
Saturday night was Flock but on my own, we had Cold in Berlin, Berlin Black and Partly Faithful. I have seen all these before and really like Berlin Black. After the bands comes the records and as usual Paul and Howard played great music and somehow I went from taping my feet and nodding my head to actually been on the dance floor for the first time in 29 years I`m not too sure how that happened but I when I realised I remember thinking “Going to be sore in the morning” Still I danced like it was 1984! And no one seemed to mind.

Pic from Berlin Black
My knees and ankle survived and on Sunday I felt alright too, witch was a good job as I was on Granddading duties.

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