Sunday, 5 January 2014

Betty`s Worm Joke

As requested here is the joke Betty, from our camping group loves to tell. I have tidied (not cleaned) it up as Betty often repeats certain parts many times depending on how much she has had to drink.
The government were concerned about the amount of Whisky that youngsters were drinking in parts of Scotland, so they sent a minister up to do talks at primary schools.

One day the minister was at a small village, with a lovely burn (stream) running through it, and went in to the school to talk to the class of 8 year olds.
He began
“I am going to tell you today about the dangers of drinking Whisky and I want to show you what too much Whisky can do to you.”

He held a glass of water taken from the burn, and said “This is a glass of pure water taken from your burn” He then took an earthworm from a tin and put it in the glass of pure water taken from the burn. The worm swam around quite happily.

Not my pic, from Google
Holding another glass, he said “In this glass is Pure Malt Whisky” He put the earthworm in the glass of Malt Whisky.
The worm swam around a bit then died!
The minister then asked the class what that meant.
The class was quite for a few moments then little Tommie put his hand up and said....


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