Saturday, 25 January 2014


Last week in the UK the news was full of the tragic story of the 16-year-old schoolboy who died after taking ecstasy at a rave on Saturday night at an event held at a warehouse in west London.
Firstly. My deepest symphonies go to his family and friends at this tragic time.

Pic not mine and as in no way anything to do with drugs
Then secondly I think why do people take drugs? If you go to a club where you have to take drugs to enjoy yourself and reach a high,  then, in my opinion you are in the wrong club! I can go out and be on “Cloud 9” by been with good interesting people, listening to great music and yet drink only a small amount so as to be able to drive home safely and legally.

Now I know that in the type of club that I frequent there is not a drug pusher  problem and I want to keep it that way! Although now a days it is unlikely that a pusher would target me at my age!

Pic not mine and as in no way anything to do with drugs
So what should anyone do if they are approached by a dealer?

Firstly say “NO” and walk away, but stay in a public area, make sure that they are not following you.

Secondly tell someone you can trust! A friend, then if you feel you can approach the promoter or an official tell them.

If anyone came and told me, I would try and secretly take a photo of the dealer then go outside and ring the police!

On way home from work last week.
If the door staff are council registered as  they should be they could also be informed, but I come from an era when not all doormen were totally trustworthy.

Pic from C4. Roast Beef on the Rib
At this point I must say that despite in my younger days been “offered” all manner of substances, it was not until the BSC farce and Tony Blair`s idiotic government banned the sale of beef on the bone, that I had ever bought anything illegal!


  1. Eh...not able to buy beef on the bone?? Why?? The bones are perfect to make god stock for the sauce.
    I completely agree about drugs. I talk about that a lot with my teenager, about what I have seen in my teens and what his grandfather had experienced. I think its a bit horrifyeing that so many do propaganda for cannabis, like it was some kind of life exilir.

    1. The risk of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease was the reason the then left wing government used, but a lot thought it was a weak excuse to hit back at the (Generally) centre-right wing farmers in retaliation for the pervious Conservative government clipping the wings of the trade unions and the resulting coal miners` strike in the ‘80s

  2. My youngest just found out today another of her friends had passed. I've lost count how many have died in the two years since she lost her boyfriend. It makes me so sad that all these young kids are already gone, and I pray the day never comes that I'll have to hear that horrible news about my own child. :(

    1. I had no idea the problem was so bad. I sincerely hope you never have to hear about any of yours.

  3. This was a really good post, thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice. :)



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