Wednesday, 15 January 2014


That’s it, that’s the bucket list done. I can die content in the knowledge that I`ve have reached all my goals and I have succeeded in life!
Screenshot of the web page of Goths up Trees
The picture was taken back in October whilst I was visiting my family down in Reading, when I tied the visit in with going to Goth festival Sacrosanct (hence the T shirt) I submitted it to Goths up Tress when I got back home, but when it did not appear in the following month I thought it was not up to standard.

But it seems, all comes to he who waits and 3 months later here it is.

The picture.

What the writing says...

Alastair Appleby submitted this photo with the comment “Whilst taking our Grandson to a park I saw this tree and thought let`s go for it, your only young twice, even though I was wearing my new Sacrosanct Festival Tee shirt, I might even be the eldest Goth on here.”

I’m pretty sure this guy is the eldest goth on here.  He’s definitely the only one that has a grandchild (that I know of, kiddy goths these days can procreate young). I’m attributing the out of focus photo to the fact that the eldergoth photographer forgot their glasses, so we’re lucky that the goth up the tree was in the frame at all. 

I can’t wait until I’m an eldergoth so I can wear prescription black sclera contact lenses with my gravity affected droopy tattoos and piercings, platform boots (with no tread) and my all-black outfit to lawn bowls.  I’ll be all ‘In your face, lawn bowls authorities’, and then I’ll bite into a fake blood capsule and then spit my false teeth at them. 

Back to the goth at hand, he’s high up the tree so bonus ‘oh my aching knees’ points for that.  He has a slight smile on his face but we’re going to ignore that. He’s out in daylight but it’s an overcast looking day.  Many bonus points for eldergoth-ness and festival attendance.  Rock.
4.5 out of 5 - Respect your eldergoths


  1. That's excellent! Quite an accomplishment. :) And she did such a lovely write-up to accompany your photo. Amusing, yet respectful.

    I always wanted to submit a picture, but haven't found a way to gracefully climb a tree without risking damage to my finery.

    1. Seeing that was just what I needed to give me a lift on a rather dull day.

  2. Congratulations, Alastair! I think that's an awesome writeup. In your face, Lawn Bowl Authorities! LOL



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