Monday, 3 February 2014

Chinese Rocks, Ramones Tribute At The New Roscoe Leeds

The Promoter`s poster for the gig.

Despite my best efforts at timing I arrived a bit early at The New Roscoe pub to see Ramones tribute band Chinese Rocks. So this allowed me time for a pint of Scottish Black Stout in the lounge bar first.
The gig was promoted by my old friend Leeds Promoter John Keenan.

As with all tribute bands it`s a matter of just how serious they take themselves and it was very apparent from the off that they are there to enjoy themselves and have fun playing the music they love.
And love it they did, so did I

In two sets they played all the classic tracks and some I was not all that familiar with before the end of the night I had many times considered leaving my perch and joining in with the dancing at the front, but restrained myself to taping everything and mild head banging sort of thing! 
Pic from Wikipedia

As an introduction to Rock and Roll Radio the singer said he was sure some people “Would remember” And yes I do.

Chinese Rocks may only be a tribute band but they sure made it a great night.


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